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In finland we have drunk streamers who make living by getting drunk on camera Anonymous  23/01/24 Втр 20:33:56 123960 Ответ
7b0107bbc53c2595.mp4 4846Кб, 640x356, 00:01:05
In finland we have drunk streamers who make living by getting drunk on camera
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Anonymous  03/02/24 Суб 23:05:07 124064
me rate
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 09:54:49 125213
Mihalich do utra.mp4 1783Кб, 640x360, 00:00:34
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 21:57:22 125241
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 20:23:33 125270
783ef341714c985[...].png 144Кб, 1200x1200
he insulted Lechia Gdańsk football team on stream and the hooligans came to his house to take revenge
you can even see Lechia Gdańsk on the hoodie
Anonymous  17/04/24 Срд 15:49:27 125781
polish man bulling ukrainian taxi driver in poland Anonymous  15/04/24 Пнд 23:47:05 125753 Ответ
171320820884634[...].mp4 7102Кб, 576x1024, 00:01:40
polish man bulling ukrainian taxi driver in poland
Anonymous  16/04/24 Втр 03:25:48 125761
>>125753 (OP)
From the familiar vocabulary I understood that the reason was that the Ukrainian did not allow smoking in the cabin.
And... hey! Was this dude already the hero of some video with drunk Poles who wanted to kill him, or was it another one?
Anonymous  16/04/24 Втр 11:05:28 125762
Anonymous  16/04/24 Втр 11:30:16 125763
Anonymous  16/04/24 Втр 15:32:55 125765
I think he's subtly provoking them beforehand to make a show. Lmao:D
Pringlesnomics in your country Anonymous  03/11/23 Птн 03:03:03 121717 Ответ
image.jpg 121Кб, 722x1383
This is the price of a pack of Pringles in a store near my home in Russia.
How much does a pack like this cost in your cunt?
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Anonymous  15/04/24 Пнд 00:09:14 125723
Anonymous  15/04/24 Пнд 00:19:14 125724
image.png 764Кб, 1189x591
These general-threads don't exist for you?
Anonymous  15/04/24 Пнд 00:20:33 125725
"Cooking Every Day" - is the main thread in this section
Anonymous  15/04/24 Пнд 03:02:46 125727
Anonymous  15/04/24 Пнд 03:03:33 125728
pringles.jpg 102Кб, 491x914
Литва Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 15:40:44 125262 Ответ
171171573994386[...].jpg 1Кб, 220x147
171171582217211[...].jpg 358Кб, 1080x1334
Есть тут кто-то из Литвы?
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Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 17:06:29 125308
Анек  01/04/24 Пнд 20:19:13 125391
They are all the most faschist nazists in the whole Baltic Union.
You shouлd be scared
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 15:07:38 125401
17086687732190.mp4 19386Кб, 640x360, 00:08:28
>>125262 (OP)
Никого, даже местные давно сбежали из этой нищей помойки
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 22:29:08 125719
Возвращайся в свой харьков или из какой ты там жопы.
Anonymous  15/04/24 Пнд 02:00:28 125726
webm mp4 Anonymous  21/07/23 Птн 18:46:46 117377 Ответ
7845778.mp4 16801Кб, 640x480, 00:01:59
webm mp4
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Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 21:36:20 125603
1709453453.mp4 1593Кб, 720x1270, 00:00:08
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 21:51:43 125605
Anonymous  11/04/24 Чтв 01:36:28 125610
1712779129346181.mp4 987Кб, 480x854, 00:00:12
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 08:02:25 125625
Омега.mp4 4242Кб, 640x360, 00:03:33
>I have something for you that you'll love.
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 18:41:26 125671
leiriatrashingt[...].mp4 12053Кб, 724x1280, 00:00:36
leiriatrashingt[...].mp4 9330Кб, 480x848, 00:00:48
Classics Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 15:01:19 125631 Ответ
image.png 593Кб, 405x562
image.png 38Кб, 698x532
Why are the Ukrainians doing this?
How does that help them?
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 15:07:02 125632
trailer.mp4 29615Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:17
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 15:19:10 125633
Product placeme[...].mp4 11097Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:44
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 18:21:49 125640
shogun1.png 1317Кб, 1584x1032
Download the movie (torrent, etc.)

Media Classic Player from K-Lite Codec Pack has option to automatically downloads subs from subs websites. VLC Player on Android had it too. Not sure about Windows app.

Or you can download the .srt files from opensubs. you have to create an account.
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 20:13:04 125651
Thanks bro
That's a helpful answer
What will happen to them and their children when capitalism collapses and people roll back into the Anonymous  06/03/24 Срд 13:17:41 124535 Ответ
20240306140233.jpg 496Кб, 896x982
What will happen to them and their children when capitalism collapses and people roll back into the era of neo-feudalism?
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 23:56:42 125580
Bibles Anonymous  25/12/23 Пнд 11:55:49 123359 Ответ
pф.gif 6Кб, 879x82
tr.jpg 96Кб, 1000x1000
r.jpg 62Кб, 765x696
Russia can take Bibles from citizens.

In July, mine was taken.

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Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 23:33:45 125363
3.jpg 3919Кб, 3024x3024
5.jpg 1021Кб, 2640x1980
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 23:44:49 125364
15.jpg 1168Кб, 2640x1980
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 00:07:07 125365
The Silence Of [...].mp4 10348Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:13
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 22:58:41 125440
It looks cool! in russian families there are almost no relics, the oldest are books from the times of Stalin, from the 1930s.
Russia is also a completely non-religious country.
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 18:35:56 125557
Jews sacrifised God on the Cross. They are forsaken by God. Christians are the new Jews.
Any mods with English translations for this game? Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 08:40:28 125499 Ответ
6-1-492966-52.webp 26Кб, 382x215
Any mods with English translations for this game?
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 11:36:45 125506
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 12:13:35 125507
Its way more popular in Russia, everything on the workshop page is in Russian.
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 13:38:15 125513
изображение.png 350Кб, 552x529
Yes, it's terrible. But it can be worse: when you walk into the workshop of a Japanese game that hasn't even been translated into English, let alone its mods.

In short, just get over it. If there are no mods in English, then the game isn't that popular in the English-speaking community. Although I could open up boosty or pateron for mod translations.... But I already have plenty of projects of my own.
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 16:49:15 125554
блето.webm 3876Кб, 360x360, 00:00:31
What do you think about this soap? Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 14:43:16 125474 Ответ
image.png 2169Кб, 1500x1216
Looking for solutions for my dandruff and head itchiness i came across this soap, just bought it today on a Russian shop for 2,50€ expecting that it is good.

What can you tell me about it?
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Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 16:52:03 125516
I'm surprised you found this in Spain.
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 17:27:28 125518
I've bought it in a russian shop, they had food and such.
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 21:18:55 125525
image.png 1685Кб, 1000x1000
You suddenly get dandruff in the middle of Spain, someone suddenly advises you Russian tar soap, then suddenly there is a Russian store near you in walking distance where you can buy it, then you tell it on a Russian imageboard and I suddenly have professional Photoshop skills to make a joke about it... it's all very strange and suspicious. Too many coincidences.
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 01:49:42 125537
Tar soap is what russians smell like?
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 16:17:07 125553
No, silly boy. Russians smell of pain.
Fuck Twitter for banning me saying this but I dream of killing Finns. A genocide of Finns would actu Anonymous  05/03/24 Втр 12:25:42 124503 Ответ
33c5b943037c70e6.png 163Кб, 277x508
Fuck Twitter for banning me saying this but I dream of killing Finns. A genocide of Finns would actually be a my biggest dream. I'm dreaming massacring Finnish children in front of their parents, and then raping the women and after that killing them while their husbands are watching it all and after that I dream killing the men. I'm dreaming all kinds of ways how to cause pain to them.

Finns, just like Ukrainians, are subhuman cockroaches that deserve to smashed. Those two countries should be cleansed entirely from those subhuman cockroaches and be repopulated with ethnic Russians.
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Anonymous  05/03/24 Втр 21:39:24 124511
Anonymous  05/03/24 Втр 22:35:40 124512

I'm not self-hating, I'm hating Finns.
Anonymous  06/03/24 Срд 10:12:03 124522

Had to create new account to Twitter because Twitter removed my previous accounts.

If you followed Rauhansotilas, haa1984, peacewarrior84, peacewarrior841, peacewarrior842, please follow my new account.

Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 02:33:44 125498
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 22:12:01 125526
Why is Russian music so powerful? Anonymous  12/12/23 Втр 16:50:43 122859 Ответ
xenia degelko.mp4 23589Кб, 854x480, 00:02:32
Why is Russian music so powerful?
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Anonymous  13/12/23 Срд 11:51:41 122889
Why did you bring this here?
Anonymous  17/12/23 Вск 19:34:57 123042
Anonymous  29/12/23 Птн 15:14:19 123480
Anonymous  29/12/23 Птн 17:11:28 123481
Anonymous  02/01/24 Втр 20:48:26 123549
NuPogodiAK47.jpg 141Кб, 1885x1246
I want 2006 back, it was so cool Anonymous  03/11/23 Птн 23:23:32 121766 Ответ
содомиты.mp4 2039Кб, 640x352, 00:00:29
Give me back my 2006
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 12:22:57 125509
>>121766 (OP)
man was just looking for some booty regardless of whose
Bugurt-Threads Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 17:33:11 125477 Ответ
image.png 53Кб, 700x635
image.png 86Кб, 673x625
image.png 35Кб, 478x590
image.png 39Кб, 630x567
can someone tell me what the lyrics of this russian song say? Anonymous  04/04/24 Чтв 21:18:41 125451 Ответ
hq720.jpg 32Кб, 686x386
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 14:21:30 125472
My name is Mima. I have not been in a single Touhou entry since 1998 as since then I made a decision Anonymous  14/09/23 Чтв 21:34:48 120265 Ответ
1694712563833742.png 258Кб, 500x500
My name is Mima.
I have not been in a single Touhou entry since 1998 as since then I made a decision to become a slut for BBC. Thank you for your understanding. I will not return.
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Anonymous  19/09/23 Втр 21:03:09 120463
In 8 years from teens emo-icon to Voice podmetalo. Russian show bizness)
Anonymous  25/09/23 Пнд 23:47:14 120555
Anonymous  25/09/23 Пнд 23:54:57 120557
16956655177380.png 188Кб, 1200x800
Anonymous  04/04/24 Чтв 17:40:00 125450
Nuckie is Mima.I have not return.
Anonymous  05/04/24 Птн 19:27:01 125464
What can I expect from this? Is it depressing like people say? Anonymous  09/10/23 Пнд 16:26:52 120925 Ответ
IMG1825.jpeg 5561Кб, 4032x3024
What can I expect from this? Is it depressing like people say?
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Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 12:41:10 125298
> I can already see the western essence of this text because he’s always quick to disregard the views of “soviet historians” in favour of western historians
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 18:30:11 125312
0.jpg 1090Кб, 2000x1000
I'm not correcting you, just complementing your cool thread
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 20:08:05 125323
1705324679385166.jpg 65Кб, 989x806
Thank you for providing information.
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 22:55:56 125439
>>120925 (OP)
dude, russian history should be studied only from foreign authors. There has never been a normal historical school in Russia. all academic history was created (and exists now) under the strong ideological influence of the state. so read western authors.
Anonymous  04/04/24 Чтв 00:26:20 125441
7563673.png 404Кб, 673x734
>historical school in Russia
What are you talking about, VPN-pidorashka?
Russia has Karamzin and Artsybashev who wrote their historical multivolumes on scrolls and annals given to them by Catherine II. I don't recommend them to him because it's a year or two's reading and he's asking for a simple book.
Fuck off back to your /b/-"porasha", you stupid uneducated animal.
Learning Russian Language Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 02:49:59 125251 Ответ
qoXrAzZ2i7o.jpg 480Кб, 1920x1280
For learning Russian, what are some things I need to consider and keep in mind? What is the best way for me to learn (besides moving to Russia and forcing myself to speak 100% of the time, which is obviously the best way)? I feel like those online courses and shit are scams or made for retarded people.
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Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 02:23:20 125425
>as well as all Slavic languages
All except the Bulgarian*
Byzantine slavery was not good for them.
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 14:18:39 125429
>>125251 (OP)
Не нужно ехать в эту Раиссю, можешь поехать в любую другую страну пост-СССР, где русский язык является официальным, или преобладает русскоязычное население. Я например прекрасно говорю по русски, хотя в жизни я с россиянами фактически не сталкиваюсь. (но у нас тут достаточно местных русских, с которыми я и выучил язык)
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 16:23:01 125432
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 18:06:46 125434
>Не нужно ехать в эту Раиссю
Заткни свое ебало.
>>125251 (OP)
Go to Russia and live here, you'll find yourself a KGB sniper Natasha.
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 19:25:34 125435
Downside is green owl abusing you.
how high heat can u get in ur apartment? we used to have 28c option until the 00s. now standard is 2 Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 05:09:40 125212 Ответ
1710709563962.png 54Кб, 809x465
how high heat can u get in ur apartment?
we used to have 28c option until the 00s. now standard is 21c. i get the sense that old commieblock from former ussr have proper heating
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 16:07:32 125220
>>125212 (OP)
I suppose, as long as floors are warm, its nice to have 22. But personally I keep heater turned up to 24.3, cause floors are cold.
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 16:55:33 125225
image.png 1599Кб, 1359x641
>>125212 (OP)
21 degrees Celsius is a comfortable temperature for humans, and in new houses built since the 2000s it is. But in Soviet-era apartment buildings in the winter in the European part of Russia, you have to open a window to avoid getting fried.
In private houses, the role of heater is played by gas boilers, so their residents have flexible control over this.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 20:30:19 125408
russia heating.mp4 25448Кб, 404x720, 00:01:23
>21 degrees Celsius is a comfortable temperature for humans
if u are wearing clothes, yes.
but if you want to sleep naked / with underwear only, it's too cold. not comfortable to sleep with clothes on imo.

thanks for info though
Having a cup of tea. Anonymous  06/03/24 Срд 12:26:08 124531 Ответ
98728958p0.png 1061Кб, 1080x1080
Having a cup of tea.
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Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 15:31:35 125125
11429618p0.jpg 132Кб, 926x888
I'm awake. Getting tea.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 21:36:57 125196
3462362523512.jpg 123Кб, 1216x838
Had tea with my breakfast.
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 22:15:02 125280
31511357p0.jpg 38Кб, 399x369
I'm getting tea.
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 18:43:28 125313
what tea you drink?
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 20:45:06 125352
95157977p11.png 55Кб, 576x731
Had tea with my dinner.
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