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Russian school/college teacher in da thread. Ask me anything. Another russian teachers may join to d Anonymous  02/08/23 Срд 07:33:22 117533 1
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Russian school/college teacher in da thread.
Ask me anything.
Another russian teachers may join to discussion.

no I never fukd my students, even they were at legal age
no I never did want and do not want
* Never behaved in scum/punk/harass/humilation manner
Anonymous  02/08/23 Срд 12:30:40 117536 2
>>117533 (OP)
In all my years posting I saw only a single teacher. Anime lover from Rostov-on-Don, he teaches history I think.
Anonymous  02/08/23 Срд 14:19:29 117537 3
Anonymous  03/08/23 Чтв 02:46:32 117556 4
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1)How is the Russian high school curriculum and 2) are there national exams?

Here after 9th grade (basic education 1-9th grades) , the most common way is:
a)you have to choose one of these specified high (10th, 11th,12th) school courses
- Science and Technology Course
-Socioeconomic Sciences Course ;
-Course of Languages and Humanities ;
-Visual Arts Course .
A significant percentage of people choose the last two because they suck at Math.

b)and do coordinated national exams in 11th and 12nd grade if you want go to university.

c) Your university entrance grade is the weighted arithmetic mean of (internal grade = Weighted arithmetic mean of all disciplines) +

maximum 50% grade of national exams (for example - Medicine it is the mean between 3 national exams - Mathematics (12th), Biology and Geology (10th-11th grade), Physics and chemistry (10th-11th grade).

For public universities - do a national contest with 3 phases - most 99% Medicine vacancies are filled in this stage.
Unironically, entering a private university in Portugal is considered shitty and carries a social stigma.
Anonymous  03/08/23 Чтв 09:01:41 117557 5
Anonymous  03/08/23 Чтв 17:15:51 117560 6
Anonymous  04/08/23 Птн 09:07:56 117581 7
Yeas, there is. There is no private colledhes, you can ho only in state owned, however you can pay for them or goverment pays for it.
Anonymous  17/08/23 Чтв 12:35:22 118814 8
there are a lot of private colleges
не пизди навалом частных шараг
Anonymous  30/08/23 Срд 22:49:33 119884 9
you asking me, OP, or just discussing?
Anonymous  31/08/23 Чтв 16:27:55 119903 10
Anonymous  01/09/23 Птн 00:56:11 119910 11
can i post here?
Anonymous  03/09/23 Вск 03:28:57 120010 12
none of that. Banner is irrelevant to my real place , Siberia.
Anonymous  08/09/23 Птн 21:40:20 120161 13
Why you did become a teacher instead of being drugdealer?
Anonymous  09/09/23 Суб 03:12:56 120163 14
it is giving more context to the questions. Yes, I'm asking you
Anonymous  01/10/23 Вск 13:07:47 120665 15
have you ever run social and ethical tests in your class
Anonymous  02/10/23 Пнд 18:17:18 120698 16
We carried out ethnic cleansing in the classrooms.
That's what my mother sang to me as a child before going to bed:
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Anonymous  02/10/23 Пнд 18:18:10 120699 17
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Anonymous  02/10/23 Пнд 20:43:27 120702 18
Anonymous  02/10/23 Пнд 20:44:24 120703 19
Kiss me cockhead,
Anonymous  04/10/23 Срд 14:09:18 120776 20
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Had you fuck your colleagues? And how often it was school itself?
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