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addictions Anonymous  04/08/23 Птн 09:50:06 117587 1
coffee.webp 114Кб, 2000x1333
i am addicted to coffee. not much else i can think of at the moment.
Anonymous  04/08/23 Птн 17:57:51 117589 2
Anonymous  04/08/23 Птн 19:39:55 117590 3
singlevsdoublee[...].webp 29Кб, 2000x1332
Anonymous  04/08/23 Птн 19:57:43 117591 4
AtelierNadar-Ja[...].jpg 173Кб, 800x1110
Do you think cofee has a gender or you mean that only gays used to have a cofee?
Anonymous  04/08/23 Птн 21:43:07 117593 5
gg053f7y4lz91.jpg 51Кб, 1284x404
In America, they need for their watered "coffee"
Anonymous  05/08/23 Суб 06:01:00 117601 6
not really. tend to avoid getting myself addicted to anything. coffee is the exception though.

i brew myself. starbucks and other places are not for coffee, but for fashion. wanting to look rich by waiting in line for a corn syrup sugar induced garbage drink that isnt even coffee at that point anymore.

i just drink it black nothing else. everytime i try to add something i dont like the test. only one time did the stars and planets align where i added it something and it tasted good.
Anonymous  05/08/23 Суб 23:58:09 117611 7
>>117587 (OP)
i got myself addicted to Monster and i wish i hadn't
Anonymous  06/08/23 Вск 00:57:51 117612 8
IMG0232.jpeg 614Кб, 1900x2048
Anonymous  06/08/23 Вск 11:43:27 117627 9
Monster, is it your dick? May I guess what is your addiction consist of. You very frequently jerking off. do you? If so, I am addicted by Big Monster too. I would say, its a obession of Big Monster.
Anonymous  06/08/23 Вск 13:14:38 117630 10
image.png 192Кб, 650x366
Viciously addicted to nicotine. When I wake in the night for a piss, I must rip a huge haul before sleepu. It's Bad.
Anonymous  06/08/23 Вск 18:22:11 117637 11
Weteran.mp4 1866Кб, 464x848, 00:00:09
Anonymous  07/08/23 Пнд 19:52:55 117658 12
What exactly you want to say us when you show up us a legless man?
Anonymous  08/08/23 Втр 14:56:06 117663 13
16885873303020.webp 40Кб, 457x512
Anonymous  16/08/23 Срд 01:40:08 117974 14
coffee.png 1149Кб, 1653x1824
go up so this thread doesn't die
Anonymous  16/08/23 Срд 01:42:10 117980 15
1680789961080.png 8Кб, 225x225
isn't coffee good for you doe?
Anonymous  12/09/23 Втр 16:11:38 120207 16
I am. Only think I'm really addicted to ever. I don't care, i love it.
Anonymous  04/10/23 Срд 16:39:04 120783 17
Anonymous  05/10/23 Чтв 00:06:16 120793 18
No. It's only good for disguising porn threads
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