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Saving Germany Anonymous  24/08/23 Чтв 19:19:28 119670 1
tumblrmlupg4vQ5[...].jpeg 165Кб, 500x703
Germany is dying. Being subjected to genocide by the Anglo-American invaders and the imposed puppet statehood of the FRG, the physical and cultural destruction of the German nation is taking place.

The only salvation of Germany, as the state of the Germans, is the return to the statehood of the GDR.
Anonymous  24/08/23 Чтв 22:19:34 119678 2
GDRBrotherhoodi[...].jpg 165Кб, 947x602
Anonymous  08/09/23 Птн 13:14:26 120151 3
us soldier kiss[...].JPG 96Кб, 725x686
>>119670 (OP)
90% of germans hate russians even your "gdr" ones.

germans just larp to like you and smile in your face but always plot to backstabb you same as turks cuz they dont have advantage over you.

also they hate ukranians and only support them cuz ivan ravaged the pussy of gerlinde in ww2

germans are still butthurt about ww2 their rhetoric is always against rrussia and dont brink up wagenknecht shes half iranian.

only love is between white christian american and white christian russian
Anonymous  18/09/23 Пнд 23:57:04 120438 4
So yo asked 90% of germans, jewish pig ?
Anonymous  20/09/23 Срд 19:19:32 120470 5
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