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Who's your favorite Tsar? Anonymous  01/09/23 Птн 16:10:21 119949 1
image.png 2009Кб, 1098x696
Who's your favorite Tsar?
Anonymous  01/09/23 Птн 18:57:23 119959 2
>>119949 (OP)
Or Peter the Great if you mean tzardom and imperial periods.
Anonymous  03/09/23 Вск 09:34:12 120015 3
I can tell numerous great tzars, but only two crap tzars: one is The Boody, other is some German-loving faggot Peter who's number I forgot. Not even sure he was Peter.
Anonymous  05/09/23 Втр 04:00:09 120068 4
16937632863530.png 28Кб, 245x228
Anonymous  05/09/23 Втр 19:21:55 120093 5
>>119949 (OP)
Alexander III, true chad as a person, and he aslo tried to prepare russians to enter XX century as a wholesome nation, restore russian culture in common, stepping away from western traditions. Nicolas II tried to follow his course, but fucked it all up, and become another anglosax bootlicker.
олег  29/09/23 Птн 17:05:44 120619 6
Александр 3
Anonymous  29/09/23 Птн 19:59:19 120621 7
Anonymous  29/09/23 Птн 20:27:57 120623 8
Julius-Caesar-m[...].webp 80Кб, 1168x1600
Anonymous  30/09/23 Суб 10:24:41 120631 9
1627048960856.jpg 124Кб, 811x589
Anonymous  30/09/23 Суб 11:24:48 120633 10
Stalin ofc
Anonymous  30/09/23 Суб 12:21:37 120637 11
IMG0323.jpeg 295Кб, 1280x720
Anonymous  01/10/23 Вск 01:16:29 120657 12
Tsar Alexander the first
I hold him in high regard because I think he was a very talented tactician during the congress of Vienna. He caused fights will diplomats from all around Europe, everybody hated him and didn’t want to be in a room alone with him. They thought he was an irrational fool.
And yet he negotiated and won pretty much everything the Russians wanted from the peace deal.
Anonymous  01/10/23 Вск 02:01:56 120659 13
And to add to that I admire his negotiation strategy at the Congress.
He entered making insane and huge demands, and that puts the other diplomats off balance, allowing him to take a much more reasonable deal with concessions made to him.
Given that the Russian strategy has always been to put land between Russia and her enemies, the acquisition of Poland was a fantastic success
Anonymous  01/10/23 Вск 20:53:26 120676 14
kidzonya0(1).mp4 3356Кб, 576x1018, 00:00:13
I didn't know that.
But he knew that after the war he did not keep his word and did not carry out any reforms that improve the lives of serfs.
The Communists are not happy with him.
It would have been better if he had made an alliance with Napoleon and fucked Britain.
Anonymous  01/10/23 Вск 23:29:35 120679 15
The rule is simple - the best tsar should be the one doesn't let Slavs die of hunger or to be sent as cannon fodder specially under command of foreigners like Prussian Blücher and Austrians.

You read and watch statistics and how much Russians comprised those armies of Battle of Leipzig and 1814 campaign and Blücher wasting Russian lives unnecessarily like there was no tomorrow.

In the end, he becomes Liberator of Europe and Best British foreign agent and everyone forgets the defeats, alliance with the French, causalities of french invasion of Russia, Moscow getting burnt, etc. At a heavy cost.
Anonymous  02/10/23 Пнд 00:19:25 120680 16
1686050472652.png 1934Кб, 894x1200
1671652765567.png 6979Кб, 1488x2048
Anonymous  02/10/23 Пнд 09:08:07 120685 17
Anonymous  02/10/23 Пнд 09:52:09 120686 18
16594088887670.png 2823Кб, 1846x1226
Anonymous  02/10/23 Пнд 12:28:40 120690 19
When has Russia ever won a victory without a “heavy cost”? I think that’s both normal and completely common in Russian history. I think the complaint made here >>120676 is more noteworthy.
Even so, I acknowledge both that he failed and that his position was impossible to begin with. The last two generations of his line were victims of assassination and treachery. He must have known full well that the same people that got to his father and grandfather could’ve easily gotten to him, and so he had to act in an overly cautious and unfavourable way to keep things from going out of control.
Anonymous  03/10/23 Втр 12:41:50 120718 20
I don’t understand what you are asking me
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