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hi there I am China Portuguese new here Anonymous  07/09/23 Чтв 18:19:49 120124 1
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using knowledge not a lot experience

came to study at puc fashion design brasil and i live my uncle's house sells imported

i am gay and that very difficult to me. am religious. religious family, religious restrictive i never behaviour gay with another man before.
but brasil for 6 months i've friend and he gay too. he taught me fashion brazil and then we kissed. we sex together.

i never told my mother am gay because china conservative violence street fight beijing. while sex boy brazil very good and i feel good but i feel extremely guilty conscience while i reach climax orgasm
very guilty and i take telephone and disc mother china.
Anonymous  07/09/23 Чтв 18:22:29 120125 2
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fuck filters
Anonymous  08/09/23 Птн 04:13:05 120132 3
problem of the new age.
think people born gay and born straight. no one loving pussy going to be like i love some feminine man ass now.
today problem is being gay should just be love each other just like straight people, but america has vision to take advantage of this.
now lgbt being used as a tool by american government to divide people, censor people, make money, and (poppulation) control people.

just be gay as you are and stay away from lgbt nonsense.
for religion it is slippery slope. most religion is corrupt in ameirca, just used to make money and hide money (tax exemption from start of country). speak and practice to god directly instead of listening to some corrupt idiot.
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