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Should I buy land in Russia? Anonymous  25/09/23 Пнд 05:58:28 120538 1
thesandyfeet-ru[...].jpg 230Кб, 1200x800
A 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment across Australia is like >$1m atm, im not gonna be able to afford that shit, even on a cybersecurity payslip

I hear you can get actual mansions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc., for around the same price.

Is it worth buying a place as a foreigner? I'm learning the language thru my local Russian community and a uni course.

Definitely gonna visit after the political shit clears up, don't know if I should just say fuck it and move tho. Keep in mind I haven't visited yet (cuz I'm like 19 & struggling to pay rent in Sydney, don't have tourist money lmfao)

I hear Vladivostok is nice. Idk, what do, rusanons?
Anonymous  29/09/23 Птн 05:16:40 120606 2
>>120538 (OP)
Hello Australanon. Your choice looks naive. Real estate prices in Russia in Moscow / St. Petersburg are not much lower than in Europe or America. In small towns, yes, real estate will be cheaper at times, along with the standard of living.
My advice: no one prevents you from coming here as a tourist, look around, live a little, and see if you like it and then think about something serious.
Anonymous  29/09/23 Птн 09:06:36 120607 3
He can buy flat in commieblock in Krasnogorsk and nabigat to stolica.
>>120538 (OP)
Here is winter with real snow and cold 5 month per year? are you sure you want to move? Of course you can choose Krasnodar or Sochi lel with more warm climate.
Anonymous  30/09/23 Суб 10:02:46 120629 4
Fair honestly, haven't been able to travel to Russia on my own free will because my parents never traveled when i was with them, and have been caught up with university. Definitely gonna go the minute I get the chance, fuck what Smartraveller says, the government won't stop me.
(might hold off until the SMO w/Ukraine clears up though, lmao)

For $1m AUD (~63m ₽)? Jesus Christ, did Lenin build these blocks himself?
Krasnogorsk doesn't seem that bad, from what I've seen on Google street view. Again, I have never been, so it might end up being a complete shithole. Main takeaway is that there are lots of commieblocks, but the city itself looks pretty nice, lots of nice scenery.

Dude, I am an absolute slut for snow. In Australia, we have like 3mm of snowfall annually, so It really isn't an issue for me. Then again, could be a pain in the ass driving, but I think I'll live.
Anonymous  30/09/23 Суб 10:21:45 120630 5
800px-KareliaCo[...].png 1663Кб, 800x1114
NovosibirskKras[...].jpg 40Кб, 399x249
Novosibirsk-in-[...].jpg 474Кб, 915x616
>>120538 (OP)
Choose million-plus cities if you want to be prosperous, like in Australia. This is the easiest way.
You can also try to live outside the city in some cottage in nature.
And, if you like snow, I recommend you to look at Karelia and the Murmansk region (bordering Finland; there was the northernmost McDonald's in it for some time), and, for example, Novosibirsk, which is very beautiful in winter.
Anonymous  30/09/23 Суб 20:22:54 120651 6
>>120538 (OP)
LMAO you want to move to russia?
if you want somewhere cheap you can easily go to the US Midwest and buy a suburban property for $200k.
Don't go to Russia, it's a shithole
Anonymous  01/10/23 Вск 14:41:19 120666 7
so's the US. I'm partially planning on moving there because I have ancestral ties (Russian Orthodox, family left during Red October), and because I hate Russia ever so slightly less than the US. Sure, the US is more LGBTQ friendly, but that's only on a surface level, and pretty much only in really progressive places.
Branding all of Russia as a shithole is pretty closed minded, and I think I could say the same about the US, not to be a Russian bootlicker. The internal situation is fucked there.

Very nice. Novosibirsk looks fucking beautiful, Murmansk, even more so. But I've heard unsavoury shit about southern cities, still planning on visiting the moment I get the chance.
As for cottage living, I'm admittedly unsure about that. I'd feel comfortable doing that in my home country, but as a foreigner, I think having connections to large towns & cities is a very large factor for me.

Even if the housing crisis in Australia clears up by the time I'm able to travel, or purchase property, I definitely think I'll be looking to get a place in Russia. I love the language, culture and history behind it, and though the politics is a fucking mess, I still wanna experience what the land has to offer before I wither away.
Anonymous  01/10/23 Вск 20:48:11 120675 8
CK4wOyl4aWj4zGC[...].jpg 663Кб, 780x1080
kidzonya0.mp4 3356Кб, 576x1018, 00:00:13
The south of Russia is mostly not very well developed, but the nature there is very good. You will probably like the Republic of Dagestan (the main population is Muslims) for its mountains and the culture associated with them, and Sochi, as the most developed tourist city in the South, where even Putin rested. These places are also good in winter and are suitable for lovers of winter sports.

>I love the language, culture
You should to play "Everlasting summer". It is available on steam and google play.
This game will tell you an interesting story of a Russian hikki who wakes up one winter evening in a pioneer camp. The game is strongly connected with 2ch and has a large number of references to the culture of Russian image boards of the 2010s. Live in it for a few days, and get involved in that vibe (unless, of course, you are a sophisticated player in visual novels).
Anonymous  01/10/23 Вск 21:57:57 120678 9
>Sure, the US is more LGBTQ friendly
That's a very small part of being a shithole. UAE are not LGBTQ friendly but they are not a shithole. Russia is a shithole for many reasons.
Since you're talking about the housing crisis, then clearly economy matters to you. Economically speaking, Russia is a huge shithole. You will have:
-extremely low salary (getting $1k/month would be considered high class in the cities you are speaking about) and you'd be paying higher tax. If you work in IT as you said, you will easily be clearing $10k/month in the US at a semi-senior position in a Midwest city.
-very few employment opportunities (compared to Australia and especially compared to US) because Russian companies would prefer to hire Russians, and because Russian industries are highly non-competitive
-no business opportunities, as, again, the Russian industry is uncompetitive. In the US you could easily start an IT consultancy after 15 years in the industry and rake in cash because they have thousands of companies in need of those types of services.

There's a reason Australians go to the US to find work. It's just a better place than Russia, not least because of the reasons I've outlined above + language barrier.
If Russians could be making huge bucks and living a lavish life that you're imagining for yourself over there, they'd be doing that instead of running en masse to US/Australia/UK etc.
Anonymous  02/10/23 Пнд 05:57:40 120681 10
photo2023-09-22[...].jpg 174Кб, 577x1280
photo2023-09-22[...].jpg 84Кб, 577x1280
>>120538 (OP)
For me, the worst feeling is when you want to change the past while looking back. There is nothing worse than wanting to fix something, to replay something. Like a soaked fake Buddha, I figured out for myself a long time ago how to get rid of this feeling.

But along with the search for mistakes in the past, we also develop fear of the future. Besides, we are constantly freaking out about the present. As a result, a quarter will get drunk, drink and snort, another quarter will stupidly become vegetables on antidepressants, and half of them are civilized consumers. But absolutely everyone generates a circle of money, the electrorat brings whoever it needs to the feeding trough, and so on everywhere in the world.

What's the point of worrying if everything goes on without us? Change what you can change at the moment, use the experience of mistakes so as not to make new ones. This is all, dammit, truisms. But I'm not a personal trainer, I'm not a motivator.

Moreover, at the moment I'm pretty stoned. So it’s not for me to teach anyone or tell fairy tales in the spirit of Castaneda.

Why look for an idea if even at the moment I myself have no idea how it will end. Moreover, I can’t even imagine what format it will look like.

You know, the awesome radio DJ in me has really disappeared. The soothing voice of a late-night announcer for late-night shows is something that would be ideal for me. This is probably what I do in some parallel universe where everything is perfect.

Listen, and you, too, will think about a Universe where everything is perfect. Who would you be there? Introduced? Fucking awesome, huh?

It's a shame that things aren't like that in real life? No, of course not, because that world is fictional. This is an illusory utopia, a mirage.

But this does not mean that such a Universe does not exist among many other universes. So you can only be happy for your double, for your parallel twin. After all, in ideal conditions he will be able to open up fully and realize his potential to the maximum.

Well, we just have to work with what we have. Change what we can. To get closer to those ideals little by little.

Why not just look for what was good in the past? Why dwell on the negative? Even if there was negativity, then look at it through the prism of the most valuable, what he gave in a good way. As well as, most importantly, how he made you stronger.

I would like to thank many people who helped me understand this. But I’m tired of listing it, and those who hear it know it.
There are no simple formulas for the meaning of life or happiness or harmony. Some specific commandments, kashrut and other things. Yes, people are just pieces of meat, hydrocarbons and proteins with a bunch of different small chemicals. But these pieces also wrote Mahatbaratha or blues about Manhattan rats.

There is no need to look for a goal, worry about who we are, why we do this. You just need to enjoy the process itself. Because, look, in sex the goal is not to finish something, not to give meaning to something, the whole point of the process is to have fun. And there are no differences with the surrounding reality, with your whole life.

You either make love to life, everything is according to Feng Shui, the harmony of the universe, or it stupidly fucks you, and without lubrication.

That’s the whole secret of how I got rid of this most unpleasant feeling in my life.
Anonymous  02/10/23 Пнд 18:03:06 120695 11
kidzonya4.mp4 1854Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:10
>-extremely low salary
No. Of course, the salary is much less than in developed capitalist countries, but the cost of living is also much cheaper. My father is an individual entrepreneur-trucker, lives well and has a good 4-room apartment near Moscow.

>very few employment opportunities
No. I can't say for sure, since I work in IT myself, with what problems in Russia, in my opinion, there are absolutely no problems. I also know that qualified welders and plumbers are in great demand right now.

>-no business opportunities
No. In Russia, a relatively often monopolistic US market, internal competition is weak, and thanks to this there are many opportunities to make a business successful.

>the Russian industry is uncompetitive
Yes. This is the result of the collapse of the USSR and the fall of one of the most powerful economies in the world. After the transition from a planned economy to capitalism, some people were able to take over industry and raw materials factories for free and then sell them to foreign companies, thereby killing the so-sick economy.
Look for yourself: the Russian government works for the shareholders of energy corporations and protects their interests and monopoly around the world, for example in Syria and Ukraine.

There is China.
Anonymous  03/10/23 Втр 09:10:28 120716 12
Again, I'm a slut for snow, and winter in general, so I'll definitely check out Dagestan. On Sochi, I actually grew up in a coastal town in Sydney, and the Caucuses' nature is beautiful. I really wanna go horseriding through there when I get the chance, besides, Sochi kinda reminds me of Port Douglas, in Queensland, Australia.

Never really been a fan of visual novels, but I'm tempted to fuck around and find out from a developer called "Soviet Games".
Plus, Мику. Nuff said.

Wanted to say exactly what >>120695 said. Cost of living is a big thing for me, and I plan on working remote/on-and-off in Australia, anyways.

Also LMFAOOO Ireanon,
>"Theres a reason Australians go to the US to find work."
you couldn't be more wrong. Sure, if you're looking to work for some big, international tech corp, then you might have to relocate to the US, but most places like that have offices in Sydney (though, not always).

Also, I'm not flamboyantly gay, or transgender myself, so though its a cultural gripe, It's not gonna be a deciding factor.

I actually wrote a 3000 word paper on the transition from Communism to Capitalism, as >>120695 mentioned. Fuck Anatoly Chubais, and fuck Yegor Gaidar. I wanna say fuck Yeltsin in general, but those two really are the root cause of a lot of internal issues (atleast, from my perspective).

that's a whole lot of wisdom. I hope you're well, and I hope to hear your voice on the radio late at night.
Anonymous  21/10/23 Суб 07:18:50 121323 13
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