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Bibles Anonymous  25/12/23 Пнд 11:55:49 123359 1
pф.gif 6Кб, 879x82
tr.jpg 96Кб, 1000x1000
r.jpg 62Кб, 765x696
Russia can take Bibles from citizens.

In July, mine was taken.

Anonymous  25/12/23 Пнд 13:23:41 123360 2
>>123359 (OP)
The reason your Bible was taken away from you? Were you smuggling drugs into my country?
Anonymous  25/12/23 Пнд 13:33:05 123361 3
Russia is my home, jew. Go home. What? You are not a jew? You make baseless accusation against me. I simply say what you sound like.

The reasons were not reasonable.
Anonymous  25/12/23 Пнд 13:51:32 123362 4
>believes in a Jewish god
>uses the word "Jew" in a derogatory way.

Lol. I can see why they took it away from you. You're schizophrenic.
Anonymous  # OP 25/12/23 Пнд 14:22:38 123363 5
tri.jpg 117Кб, 1000x1000
Timestamp, now with /int/ DLC.

No questions, do not care.
Anonymous  25/12/23 Пнд 15:03:05 123364 6
A person with dual citizenship is a traitor.
Anonymous  25/12/23 Пнд 16:38:05 123366 7
755650849822788.jpeg 404Кб, 1180x730
A person with triple citizenship is a hero.
Anonymous  26/12/23 Втр 00:05:07 123373 8
>price rounding up from 100 to 600 or more euros depending from which edition or year that was printed
Russian security border has now a supplement to his wage.
Anonymous  29/12/23 Птн 11:15:01 123472 9
Well customs are dicks worldwide, but I assumed that they just mayyyyybe had some reason, and I turned out to be right.
My first thought was about some totalitarian sect "bible" which has nothing to do with actual bible, there is plenty of this shit, but then I looked at your pic, got an idea, checked and lo and behold.


In short, thats a book 100+ years old, which makes it "culturally valuable" and customs demand it to have some paperwork attached to be sure that you did not rob museum or some old babushka. It has nothing to do with contents of the book, it may be ye olde porn print for that matter.
Anonymous  29/12/23 Птн 17:43:09 123483 10
You're explaining it to a mentally challenged moron who doesn't understand basic things, probably schizophrenic.
Anonymous  30/12/23 Суб 22:14:21 123511 11
Eh, I just answered in good faith. I do this sometimes on this board even with over-the-top posts, because my work is fucking boring.
Anonymous  03/01/24 Срд 22:25:10 123560 12
Anonymous  03/01/24 Срд 22:42:53 123561 13
15.jpeg 194Кб, 1920x1080
Today, marks 160 days since having my Bible stolen.
Anonymous  12/01/24 Птн 10:12:48 123711 14
12/01/24 Птн 15:47:06 123713 15
Anonymous  14/02/24 Срд 11:10:49 124203 16
jesus jew.png 474Кб, 723x575
thats not a bible.

biblous it must be greek not latin
Anonymous  14/02/24 Срд 21:39:40 124219 17
IMG0631.jpg 150Кб, 895x653
>Jesus was jew too.
>You are not bright person, are you.
Anonymous  14/02/24 Срд 22:20:48 124220 18
Кац Смех.mp4 307Кб, 624x854, 00:00:03
Anonymous  24/02/24 Суб 06:16:20 124318 19
к.gif 21Кб, 746x206

Anonymous  24/02/24 Суб 14:16:53 124327 20
Repeat with me until you learn it by heart.

I will have paperwork for old books next time.
I will have paperwork for old books next time.
I will have paperwork for old books next time.
Anonymous  24/02/24 Суб 21:54:41 124333 21
t.png 1875Кб, 1008x1008
g.jpg 54Кб, 900x900
Ѵ.gif 359Кб, 900x900
Anonymous  24/02/24 Суб 22:00:00 124334 22
V.jpg 114Кб, 900x900
g.jpg 54Кб, 900x900
Anonymous  24/02/24 Суб 22:20:14 124335 23
how are these posts going to solve the retrieval of your Clementine Bible? Could you even read Latin?
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 08:00:34 125343 24
2.jpg 3419Кб, 3024x3024
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 09:16:39 125345 25
I wonder what his diagnosis is of the schizophrenia type.
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 21:53:19 125358 26
3.jpg 3919Кб, 3024x3024
Happy Easter. Pray.
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 23:33:45 125363 27
3.jpg 3919Кб, 3024x3024
5.jpg 1021Кб, 2640x1980
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 23:44:49 125364 28
15.jpg 1168Кб, 2640x1980
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 00:07:07 125365 29
The Silence Of [...].mp4 10348Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:13
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 22:58:41 125440 30
It looks cool! in russian families there are almost no relics, the oldest are books from the times of Stalin, from the 1930s.
Russia is also a completely non-religious country.
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 18:35:56 125557 31
Jews sacrifised God on the Cross. They are forsaken by God. Christians are the new Jews.
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