/int/ - it literally doesnt matter what happens for russia in the future
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it literally doesnt matter what happens for russia in the future 09/01/24 Втр 07:04:53 123680 1
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literally just don’t import niggers and pajeets. that’s it. you’ll have a far better country than anywhere in the EU or North America in 50 years if you simply follow that rule

No niggers. No Pajeets.
Anonymous  09/01/24 Втр 07:24:10 123682 2
>>123680 (OP)
Wacha mean no naggers? You countrey without them would be poor like Brozil. Now it is time for you to pay naggers back - serve them boots with your tounge and being robbed. Or become rich and hide behind fence.
Anonymous  12/01/24 Птн 16:35:50 123714 3
>>123680 (OP)
We have out own specific breed of migrants, central asians. That's why americans asking stupid questions like "why there are no blacks and latinxxxx in Moscow subway, are russians racist???????" make russians laugh (unhappily).
Anonymous  12/01/24 Птн 16:47:26 123715 4
Are they really that bad?
I heard they rape and kill a lot
Anonymous  12/01/24 Птн 17:12:30 123717 5
yes i am aware of the churka question.
regardless, at least churkas are russified to some degree. I'm not saying they're good, my gf (armenian) has told me all about how awful north caucasians and uzbeks are.

however, niggers and pajeets will not assimilate and will force your people to give up their cultural identity. they will stop at nothing to ruin your country beyond belief. at least churkas stick to their own. as far as i know they rarely "marry out" of their groups as well.

look at the US, UK, France, etc. our nations are being decimated both culturally and genetically by the importation of niggers and jeets.
Anonymous  22/01/24 Пнд 00:29:52 123946 6
>>123680 (OP)
Fellow burger, diversity is our strength. Stop being antisemitic.
Anonymous  05/02/24 Пнд 20:21:48 124078 7
>>123680 (OP)
>if you simply follow that rule
I have bad new for you: we already broke that rule.
Anonymous  11/02/24 Вск 22:18:53 124143 8
>>123680 (OP)
never bring jeets in
>this has been certified canadian advice
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