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/intpol/ General Anonymous  28/12/23 Чтв 23:50:58 123465 1
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A thread related to discussing politics.

Russian/Ukrainian languages (these belong to /po), NSFW content and discrediting the armed forces of Russia are forbidden ITT, also refrain from posting this stuff elsewhere.
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 03:20:45 125112 2
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 03:26:24 125113 3
17114040911760.jpg 388Кб, 1048x707
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 13:38:36 125120 4
image.png 673Кб, 760x507
Welp, time to conquer the world. Why? Cuz we're so evul, literally the Antichrist Luciferovich Satan. We have all the territory and resources, but WE NEED MORE. Just because! That's how Russia is, if you look up in history it's us who attacked Hitler, Napoleon, and when we got Europe under our influence we took EVERYTHING from it.

Only USA saved them from USSR(Uber Slaughtering Super Regime). And now we're facing it once more...
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 14:14:26 125121 5
If you look closely, we're not only mean and bad, but we're also careless because we're late according to plan.
ISIS or Ukraine? Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 14:34:57 125122 6
patrushev.mp4 1269Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:03

(c) Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation


Thoughts? Objections?
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 15:44:25 125126 7
16922718507430.webm 2785Кб, 608x848, 00:00:08
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 16:18:21 125127 8
donbas.jpg 48Кб, 1125x723
Mod asked everyone not to post such things here.
You can post corpses, but it has to be borderline "comfy" (no obvious blood, guts, dismemberment or anything else).
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 16:26:50 125128 9
17114586644730.mp4 22697Кб, 848x476, 00:01:51
3.jpg 695Кб, 960x1280
2.jpg 493Кб, 1280x853
1.jpg 435Кб, 1280x853
At the Vostochny Cosmodrome, the first Angara-A5 flight rocket was brought to the launch table
Based on the results of the launch control tests, a decision was made on the first launch, which is scheduled for April 6-10.
This launch will start flight development tests of the Amur space rocket complex with Angara rockets for future operation of heavy rocket systems at the cosmodrome.
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 16:39:46 125129 10
In Russia the honorable politician insures that those that do not involve themselves with politics will not have politics involve itself with them. But this is not the case when politicians allow some goatfuckers with guns slaughter 150 people in a theater to send a message. So I assume that Putin will be taking this issue very seriously so that he can retain his political honor towards his people.

But my question is who will receive the bears bite, the Ukrainians or ISIS itself?
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 16:40:32 125130 11
изображение.png 790Кб, 600x800
изображение.png 1005Кб, 1200x847
изображение.png 672Кб, 900x600
изображение.png 1234Кб, 1000x654
Yuri Kuklachev, [a famous cat trainer and showman in Russia], has called for bombing Europe after the terrorist attack at Crocus:

"Our people have now seen what the West and Europe will do to us if, God forbid, they defeat us. They will shoot us like partridges, they will implant chips in us to make us their slaves.

They do not understand one thing: after such tragedies they, on the contrary, raise the people's spirit. We all need to come together now and give a powerful response to all this evil that has gathered in Europe. The entire Western world has turned against us.

Are they going to give us long-range missiles? Those who will give them are criminals. So they should be bombed too. Why wait? In European cities, everybody's sitting around, drinking champagne. When they realize that our missile can come to them from Siberia, they will realize that we are not puppies that can be shot. We are strong and powerful people who can fight back very seriously."

Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 16:44:12 125131 12
=> >>125122

*The Security Council is a very powerful and serious state anti-terrorist structure headed by Dmitry Medvedev (former president of Russia)
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 16:56:51 125132 13
This is completely retarded if you give it more than 5 seconds of thought. This is obviously a fabrication. There is just no STRATEGIC logic to any of this. The most obvious flaw in this so called "plan" is the predicament of the navy. For one since Finland and Sweden joined nato the Baltic sea is going to be completely dominated by the American navy in the case of war. Turkey will also close the straights to Russian ships the moment soldiers move into the Baltics.
So if Russia REALLY (lmao not a chance, this is a fabrication) chose this course of action they would basically be fighting the war with the complete absence of an effective navy in Europe. Now, if we assume that Russia has hypersonic weapons and other such unconventional arms this move may make sense as they can hit NATO ships with things they can't defend against.
BUT even if they did have a good secret strategy to deal with the naval issue this plan would forecast the Russian intention to invade NATO MONTHS before it actually happens and would give NATO more or less 6 MONTHS to prepare for this invasion. Thats right, the Germans expect us to believe that the Russians would make their intentions clear and give NATO months to prepare for the invasion. This is just stupid.
Any shred of common sense would tell you that the best move for Russia to defeat NATO would be to attack by surprise and act extremely quickly so that they could take as much land as possible before NATO responds. The more time America has to respond the less chance russia has to win.
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 16:57:40 125133 14
ssstwitter.com1[...].mp4 3903Кб, 1280x656, 00:00:53
Why did terrorist Putin destroy a bridge in Baltimore? Was it because Francis Scott Key (whom the bridge was named for) was a massive slaveowner and thus an original member of the homo-satano-judeo-vampiro-fascisto collective West?
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:02:57 125134 15
WHYYY.png 1057Кб, 742x666
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:03:15 125135 16
34541.jpg 42Кб, 389x502
Next time I stall my car I will think of the person who stalled a fucking ship and destroyed a bridge to make myself feel better. How does this happen?
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:14:53 125136 17
Yes, everything is as you said, except for a couple of nuances, like AI torpedoes Poseidon, placed by submarine "Belgorod" (the largest in the world) at unreachable depths along the American ports. But even if you take that into account, it's all rubbish. I, for example, have no idea how the occupation of Poland will go at all. Russia simply doesn't have the manpower to contain their Russophobia and constant acts of sabotage. It's utter nonsense.
Russians and Poles have a rich history of relations, like the Irish and the British. Somewhere Poles exterminated tens of thousands of Russians (Polish invasion of Russia in 1612), somewhere Russians exterminated a few thousand Poles (Communist shootings of Polish officers at Katyn). So we cannot be called friendly nations.
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:18:56 125137 18
This is Putin's revenge for the fact that Warhammer board games are no longer being shipped to Russia. It's like he's saying: hey Americans, tell the Brits.....
And with such a terrible Russian accent, as if he had been driving German cars from Estonia to Russia all night.
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:22:29 125138 19
fire-in-engine-[...].png 547Кб, 700x440
>How does this happen?

Shipping is basically lawless anarchy with Greeks and Filipinos absolutely everywhere. In other words, it's a vision of secular hell. Seems likely that somewhere between 'fuck all' and 'absolutely no' maintenance was carried out on that ship, resulting in an engine room fire, losing power and drifting at the worst possible time. I think the harbour pilot is legally allowed to kill the ship's master in these circumstances.
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:25:36 125139 20
I agree on everything except that RDKs are insignificant. No, dude, RDK is a serious force in the media space. A war on the ground and a war on the mind are the same thing.
I have watched their broadcasts, they have the most excellent framing, professional colour correction, they competently follow the script: they beautifully hijacked an APC, shooting its crew, and some time later they beautifully interrogated a Russian officer whom they had kidnapped from Russian territory. All this has its own special media effect.

By the way, also, here's what Putin said about it just yesterday:

President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the security services on measures taken after the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall. The head of state said that despite the desire to punish the perpetrators of the terrorist attack, the investigation should be "objective and without bias." The President emphasised that although the attack was carried out by Islamists, Russia is interested in who ordered it. The head of state admitted that the attack "could have been a link in a series of attempts by those who have been at war with the Russian Federation since 2014 by the hands of the Kiev regime." At the beginning of the meeting, Vladimir Putin reiterated his condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the attack on 22 March and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded.

According to the latest data, the shooting and fire in the concert hall killed 139 people and injured more than 180.
According to the president, those who planned the terrorist attack at Crocus hoped to sow panic and discord in Russian society, but "met with unity and determination to confront this evil.""We know that the crime was committed by the hands of radical Islamists.But we also see that the United States is trying to convince its satellites and other countries of the world that there is allegedly no Kiev trace in the Moscow terrorist attack, that the bloody terrorist attack was committed by followers of Islam, members of the organisation ISIS (banned in Russia).

We know by whose hands this atrocity against Russia and its people was committed.We are interested in who ordered it," Vladimir Putin said.
He said it also remains to be seen "whether radical Islamic organisations are really interested in striking at Russia, which stands for a just solution to the Middle East conflict." "These, as well as other, more specific professional questions for an objective investigation of the crime committed in Moscow, remain to be answered," the head of state concluded.

Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:27:58 125140 21
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:39:14 125141 22
203238171145744[...].png 854Кб, 1279x814
203246171145744[...].jpg 342Кб, 815x1200
203242171145744[...].jpg 746Кб, 1505x945
17114001461990.mp4 3205Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:13
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:40:36 125142 23
203253171145744[...].png 326Кб, 703x878
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:43:11 125143 24
Translation of the picture:
A group of Chechen fighters led by field commander Abdul Hakim al-Shishani has arrived in Ukraine to take part in combat operations against Russian troops, the France24 TV channel has reported. This was reported by the France24 TV channel.
According to the publication's journalist Wassim Nasr, who specializes in the study of jihadist movements, the militants took part in the fighting in Syria against government forces - in particular, participated in the battles in Idlib. They are now in Bakhmut.

The news is old, they are no longer in Bakhmut, but there is a fact that ISIS fighters are fighting for Ukraine.
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:46:09 125144 25
Do you have your own boat or yacht?
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:54:23 125145 26
You're the shittiest Russian poster here.
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 17:57:36 125146 27
171146343806611[...].mp4 169Кб, 960x840, 00:00:01
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 20:09:50 125147 28
image.png 297Кб, 660x477
Latest news on the subject

The terrorist Andrey Zhvakin, who blew himself up with an improvised explosive device, knew Samara public activist Alexander Kudashev, who founded the project "Recycling for Charity" and later went to Ukraine and joined the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), an organization recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in Russia. This information is confirmed by Samara eco-activists. Alexander Kudashev is also among the friends of Andrei Zhvakin in the social network "VKontakte".

Andrei Zhvakin himself positioned himself as an eco-activist, for some time he owned a store selling eco-friendly goods on Lenin Avenue. In 2020, the Samara resident became a prize-winner of the contest "Young Entrepreneur of Russia".

According to the FSB, Andrei Zhvakin became a member of the "Russian Volunteer Corps" (RDK, recognized in the Russian Federation as terrorist and banned). According to the version of law enforcers, the Samara resident was planning a terrorist attack at the point of receiving humanitarian aid. According to the FSB, on the instructions of his handler, he took out of the cache, which had been prepared in advance, an explosive device he had made. During the detention it went off, the man was killed. The law enforcers are currently investigating his involvement in the attempt to undermine the support of the railroad bridge over Chapaevka.

Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 20:26:10 125148 29
Okay, I feel like I'm boring everyone with my sheets of text. Let's take a break. If anything, I'll just throw in a video with a little description or translations.
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 23:09:22 125152 30
GJnhy28aIAElfDp[1] 57Кб, 800x497
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 23:39:57 125153 31
To any normal person, this was obvious quickly.
Ukraine, Britain, US.
I don't think anyone else knew. This is mostly subhumanity of their caliber.
If Germany or others knew of this (who are also scared of such shit), they would leak it to Russia. Not only because of the above, but because they're unreliable allies.
Patrushev is just saying what Putin doesn't want to. Since he likes to make status-quo statements, and perhaps even status-quo moves.
But this is a matter of terrorism, so I think Putin might respond and think differently after this. He doesn't like terrorism.
It's fine, I am enjoying these, a change from 4chan's fast paced replies and answers.
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 23:41:59 125154 32
171137731639529[...].webm 3978Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:43
image.png 5181Кб, 3072x1440
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 23:42:32 125155 33
avibaltimore1.webm 715Кб, 576x360, 00:00:30
ssstwitter.com1[...].mp4 760Кб, 960x720, 00:00:21
Anonymous  26/03/24 Втр 23:46:08 125156 34
Russian keyboard layout is very complicated to me, because Serbian cyrillic layout is vastly different. It's as difficult for me, as it is for you probably, kek.
I'd wish there was a string of numbers instead.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 01:00:06 125158 35
image.png 178Кб, 437x247
We look forward to comments on this issue. But one anon told me that these are on-duty operatives who were at all major events in Moscow that night, since there was no specificity of where exactly the terrorist attack would take place, their task was first to organize the evacuation of the hall in the right direction, and later to proceed to the arrest of terrorists. That's why three of them in the video yell "close the doors" so that people don't run upstairs. Also here in the video the girl tells how it was, if you have API for neural sound translations from Yandex, you can install them in your browser and understand what is said in the video, or download Yandex browser.
She says a man was giving commands to evacuate.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 01:03:34 125159 36
image.png 351Кб, 1536x1086
There's nothing easier than that, man. The Serbian bro will prove
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 01:09:45 125160 37
image.png 48Кб, 550x336
>The Serbian bro will prove
Okay, I take that back.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 01:12:42 125161 38
image.png 600Кб, 673x1280
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 01:13:42 125162 39
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 01:52:15 125163 40
It is not about the alphabet Russki, but the layout.
It takes me a while to find the letters, as their placement is very illogical to me.
Maybe it makes sense to you.
I am slowly getting the hang of it.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 01:52:47 125164 41
image.png 61Кб, 633x399
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 01:57:57 125165 42
zz1711462473165[...].jpg 58Кб, 800x814
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 02:04:26 125166 43
Belgorod-kun  27/03/24 Срд 02:12:25 125167 44
16806904134661.jpg 9220Кб, 5000x3509
169279417239778[...].webm 2937Кб, 576x1280, 00:00:25
Where is this map from what time period?
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 02:20:42 125168 45
image.png 38Кб, 258x139
Belgorod-kun  27/03/24 Срд 02:24:18 125169 46
How could I forget, thanks
>one anon told me
He's bullshitting you, wait for the official comments
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 10:01:53 125170 47
17115209246540.jpg 230Кб, 731x819
Serbian President said that in the past 48 hours he has received important information about the threat to the country

Aleksandar Vucic said that in the past two days he has received news that is hard for him to talk about:

It is not easy for me now to say what news we have received in the last 48 hours. In the coming days, I will familiarise the people of Serbia with all the challenges that lie ahead of us. It will be hard, harder than ever. We will fight. Serbia will win.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 10:59:19 125171 48
изображение.png 125Кб, 225x273
IMG202403270649[...].jpg 147Кб, 576x1280
Although he could get a quick haircut with a hairdressing machine. Also, the temple doesn't look like. The viewer's is shaved, but the operative's is intact.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 11:23:36 125172 49
video2022-03-11[...].mp4 4861Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:13

Divide us by making our keyboards not correlate, despite having similar alphabets! And you're just a sheeple that gets manipulated into being divided. Jews, Anglo-Sexons - they all laugh at how easy it is to make you feel different.

Your live is this vid. And unless you become undivided, you'll remain chained.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 12:12:16 125173 50
17115294453920.png 496Кб, 577x1133
17115294454011.png 471Кб, 718x1009
17115294454052.png 605Кб, 1181x605
17115294454113.png 356Кб, 669x836
The shoes don't fit as well. The beard is worn by the Chechen special forces "Akhmat-Russia", which took part in the detention.
It's weird, we'll think about it.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 12:21:52 125174 51
video2024-03-27[...].mp4 7194Кб, 848x480, 00:00:35
What is the grenade launcher in the hands of the Ukrainians?
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 12:27:42 125175 52
1000008929.mp4 1593Кб, 640x352, 00:00:17
17115300109101.jpg 89Кб, 650x400
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 12:35:03 125176 53
VID202403271228[...].mp4 6705Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:18
VID202403271228[...].mp4 3550Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:09
On the street next to the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Senate), due to a broken water pipe, shit poured out onto the carriageway.
A river of shit is rapidly gaining momentum to run through Kiev. Or maybe the whole of Ukraine.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 12:42:44 125177 54
сшп1.mp4 7945Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:14
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 13:43:00 125178 55
17115321524100.mp4 27292Кб, 1920x1080, 00:01:12
This dude asked for all kinds of shizoconspirologists to fuck off.
He went to the concert with his daughter, some of the calmness he attributes to the fact that they thought it was part of the show.
+ some additional details about the course of the terrorist attack
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 13:59:29 125181 56
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 14:30:49 125182 57
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 14:31:57 125183 58
>consoles and consoles
consolses and TV set-top boxes*
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 15:55:28 125184 59
image.png 380Кб, 1085x612
image.png 104Кб, 627x639
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 18:55:42 125189 60
maxresdefault.jpg 95Кб, 1280x720
Liberal bloggers and the media believe that the "men in blue" are a distraction from the real problems in the country.

I can't take it anymore.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 18:56:10 125190 61
image(19).png 607Кб, 813x1069
By the way, his daughter is SEXO
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 19:07:10 125191 62
1659276023452547.jpg 392Кб, 1080x1592
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 20:35:18 125193 63
17115469892680.jpg 394Кб, 1200x810
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 20:57:50 125194 64
image.png 419Кб, 772x488
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 21:32:09 125195 65
Serbia's tank fleet is better than the British. That says a lot.
I doubt they'd last two months. With what, forks?
>Why are they writing all this cringe shit?
>Britain will never go to war with Russia alone, lol
Currently the entire Europe (especially border regions with Russia) are going through a fearmongering campaign.
They gradually want to scare people into accepting harder measures (and seeing them as necessary).
Do not be surprised if they reintroduce conscription or do cold-war style exercises. They already are, in some places.
Little do they know that their countries are an economic mess. They're just service-economies. Courtesy of their elites moving industry to China and other Asian countries.
They have no resources, no energy, no workforce (cheap, educated), they have NOTHING. There's unironically thousands of British dying of malnutrition and freezing by their own sources, per year.
They're scrapping fighter aircraft and navy vessels. Their tank fleet is almost nonexistant. They can't produce spare parts, let alone new hulls.
And I mentioned resources above, because they are important for reindustrialisation. You need ALL of those for reindustrialisation, or it won't happen.
EU is effectively a dead alliance. Honestly, the US wanted it to be so.
They can't rule otherwise. And they never learned to compromise on some grounds.

And they're going to have to focus on the Pacific theater. China is getting scary.

They have chosen (or got dictated by the US) to go on a path of fearmongering even though Russia doesn't pose a threat to them.
This is the wrong one for the EU and you will see the bloc slowly disintegrate into internal chaos and bickering over the years.
The future players are Russia, China and the US. Might as well forget Britain exists, other than their Intelligence branch evilry.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 21:55:21 125197 66
image.png 1423Кб, 1920x1080
image.png 770Кб, 790x599
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 23:22:10 125199 67
изображение.png 70Кб, 393x434
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 23:43:25 125200 68
Уничтоженная пс[...].mp4 35002Кб, 852x480, 00:03:26

Belgorod-kun  27/03/24 Срд 23:47:06 125201 69
i.webp 4Кб, 480x270
Belgorod-kun  27/03/24 Срд 23:51:22 125202 70
btw lmao, why do they always bring tow trucks with them? Do they really think that artillery will allow them to safely remove a damaged tank from the battlefield?))
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 00:02:53 125203 71
17115601818610.png 887Кб, 960x1280
>Have you heard anything about it?
There will be a vote to invite Kosovo into Council of Europe. Dunno how this is relevant, I don't know how those things work and whether or not we should even worry about it.
While Kosovo is not even in the UN, lol.
>Picture, Russians with captured Strv-122 (most modern Leo2 upgrade/version). Ukraine has only received 10 of them.
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 00:08:03 125204 72
file (41).png 600Кб, 1068x951
Because their western partners are probably pissed when they lose one. Not only do they have limited amounts of tanks, they're insanely egoistic. British pulled out Challenger IIs when one got destroyed.
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 00:22:03 125206 73
Belgorod-kun  28/03/24 Чтв 13:17:29 125215 74
I don't believe it, there has to be a realistic reason
>British pulled out Challenger IIs when one got destroyed
Really? I thought it was completely destroyed. That's too bad, because they could analyse the damage
They claim that all their cool toys are being lost in Ukraine because the Ukrainians, who had a huge number of officers trained in the military superpower (before it collapsed) supposedly don't know how to fight because they don't have aviation and so on, but fuck, they each have 100-200 tanks, that's so few that they will lose them even with aviation support and "know how to fight" in the first stages.
>(Автор этого поста был предупрежден.)
That means you have to write in English, btw))
пиши по английски
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 14:37:07 125216 75
171159911217051[...].jpg 345Кб, 568x629
The USSR abolished taxes for everyone in 1960.
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 15:37:03 125218 76
17115632689030.png 1190Кб, 1024x1024
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 15:52:59 125219 77
e-42f8e6014c.mp4 26428Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:35
marder.jpg 334Кб, 1266x473
>There will be a vote to invite Kosovo into Council of Europe.
Pressure on Vucic. Most likely in plans to recognise Kosovo as a NATO member. Difficult, given its non-recognition by some NATO members, but not impossible. I think it's because of the close ties between Serbian and Russian intelligence. Russia and Serbia have no common borders and the whole air corridor is blocked by NATO countries and their accomplices, so Serbia is very vulnerable to another war against NATO. Vucic knows this, so he manoeuvres on the political chair as best he can.

Cool pic.
Also captured Marder. "Ukrainian separatist" (also Russian from Donbass) says that Marder does not pass through our mud and drowns.
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 16:08:07 125221 78
изображение.png 79Кб, 237x637
After the collapse of the USSR there was a civil war in Tajikistan, and both the Taliban and Al-Qaeda intervened in the conflict. Therefore, it is wrong to consider all Tajiks as a single entity. Yes, they are alien culture, strange traditions, the miserable appearance of poor Tajiks and their low level of education, who come to Russia to work, but still they are not one whole, they have their own views, and we do not see rich and educated Tajiks, they all sit at home. Also after that civil war they never recovered and they are a poor country with a shitty economy.
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 17:07:54 125226 79
Не то чем кажет[...].mp4 5426Кб, 720x720, 00:02:40
"The Gesture of Goodwill" is not the Thing it looks like

Author : Anon Anonimov
Composer : suno.ai
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 18:38:09 125227 80
>In Russia
So why do foreigners need it? Stupid retard
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 18:38:48 125228 81
In RussiaN*
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 18:43:39 125229 82
pig.webm 378Кб, 640x360, 00:00:10
dcsj8z.mp4 4886Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:37
>Really? I thought it was completely destroyed. That's too bad, because they could analyse the damage
Sorry, lost in translation. I meant that they pulled out the remaining 13 ones. Have you even seen a video of Challenger anywhere? To my knowledge, they've recorded it somewhere driving through some mud (not the training video, another one) in the back lines, but it could be recorded anywhere.
And it's obvious they're not deploying them, if you deploy a tank, eventually it gets destroyed, the reason why we like shitting on their gear in the first place is because they've spent decades overpraising their equipment with big flaws.
I also think they pulled out AMX-10RCs. They're simply bad vehicles and Ukrainians have complained one got disabled by a FRAG GRENADE.
Pulling out a Challie would be good if only to analyse it's Chobham armour. The rest is uninteresting.
>They claim that all their cool toys are being lost in Ukraine because the Ukrainians, who had a huge number of officers trained in the military superpower (before it collapsed) supposedly don't know how to fight because they don't have aviation and so on, but fuck, they each have 100-200 tanks, that's so few that they will lose them even with aviation support and "know how to fight" in the first stages.
Anyone who is familiar with NATO intervention in Yugoslavia knows they've completely embarrassed themselves in the unsuccessful attempt of destruction of our ground forces. Can even be read about on wikipedia, it's not some esoteric cope. If I was them I'd have changed/improved the doctrine just like they did after Vietnam, but they're too full of themselves and/or incompetent.
>Pressure on Vucic. Most likely in plans to recognise Kosovo as a NATO member.
I have started writing sentences about how they can't become one without our recognition but hear this, lol:
>Who can join NATO? NATO says it has an 'open door' policy and any European country can join. The only requirement is that they agree to further the principles of the Washington Treaty and contribute to the security of the North Atlantic area
They actually can, being in the UN/a recognised state is not a clause. What a happy coincidence.
>so Serbia is very vulnerable to another war against NATO. Vucic knows this, so he manoeuvres on the political chair as best he can.
Yes, status quo cuckoldry.

>slight update, I solved 3 captchas in a row without looking at the Russian kb layout, progresss
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 18:46:04 125231 83
>Anyone who is familiar with NATO intervention in Yugoslavia knows they've completely embarrassed themselves in the unsuccessful attempt of destruction of our ground forces
With the usage of aviation. Remember that they've had ground forces in the form of Albanians (hohols are smarter, but still), FFL, mercenaries and instructors. So there was a direct ground war while we still had to wage a war against their aviation.
Their results were shit. But of course, they won in the end, through other means. Still backed down from initial ultimatum but that's another topic.
Belgorod-kun  28/03/24 Чтв 19:10:28 125232 84
>I meant that they pulled out the remaining 13 ones. Have you even seen a video of Challenger anywhere?
To be honest, I was disconnected at the time because of my job. So I didn't follow the news from early spring until late September. I'll have to see what's up.
>the reason why we like shitting on their gear in the first place is because they've spent decades overpraising their equipment with big flaws.
Absolutely. If you've seen threads on 4chan in the pol section that start with "another nafo overhyped shit got BTFO from hungry conscripts with rusty shovels" - those are my threads.
>AMX-10RCs. They're simply bad vehicles and Ukrainians have complained one got disabled by a FRAG GRENADE.
It was actually destroyed by a tank shrapnel charge, which is designed to hit infantry. The shrapnel shell exploded nearby and destroyed the entire crew with shrapnel. The French told me it was Russian propaganda and it wasn't a tank at all (lol), although apparently its armor is APC level.
Anyway, I decided it was best not to take it seriously. Misconceptions about NATO equipment can cost lives, in case of a large scale war. Yes, you can see that their equipment is overrated, but you shouldn't underestimate this shit either, after all they have passed some NATO quality bar to be accepted into service.
>Anyone who is familiar with NATO intervention in Yugoslavia knows they've completely embarrassed themselves in the unsuccessful attempt of destruction of our ground forces.
Not only that.
They totally embarrassed themselves when they started this intervention in the first place, I'm more than sure this whole war is their doing. They embarrassed themselves by revealing the true purpose of their "Defense" Alliance.
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 19:33:44 125233 85
>Absolutely. If you've seen threads on 4chan in the pol section that start with "another nafo overhyped shit got BTFO from hungry conscripts with rusty shovels" - those are my threads.
Kek, probably participated. Mine are over-the-top bait with filenames of the two ukro generals so more people participate. These days I don't do it much because it lost it's magic, only ones shilling for ukros are paid or trannies.
>It was actually destroyed by a tank shrapnel charge, which is designed to hit infantry. The shrapnel shell exploded nearby and destroyed the entire crew with shrapnel. The French told me it was Russian propaganda and it wasn't a tank at all (lol), although apparently its armor is APC level.
My sides. I don't even know what the purpose of that tank is. You don't need it for niggerhunting in Sahara. Not only that, there's better options. French are also deployed in South America, no point using AMX there. Really retarded design and doctrinal choices, but actually that's a trait of the French since at least the WW1, I don't know about before.
>Anyway, I decided it was best not to take it seriously. Misconceptions about NATO equipment can cost lives, in case of a large scale war. >Yes, you can see that their equipment is overrated, but you shouldn't underestimate this shit either, after all they have passed some NATO quality bar to be accepted into service.
>They totally embarrassed themselves when they started this intervention in the first place, I'm more than sure this whole war is their doing
It is. I've read how much Ukrainians got away in diplomatic and economic warfare between you and them, to claim their presidents are Russian puppets is insulting to anyone with a brain. A puppet that isn't in CSTO and leads gas wars every two years. Boring propaganda slopped up by everyone, even some pro-Russians (moreso internationally).
Plus, they've started their propaganda warfare the second Ukraine got independence. Ironically, I think they haven't managed to psyop Ukrainians well enough, and their retardation is more of a domino effect. The primary culprit of this is retarded+bought Ukrainian elite that got used by the west. In standard fashion the hatred and brainwashing is just a matter of causality.
>They embarrassed themselves by revealing the true purpose of their "Defense" Alliance.
Might makes right in the end, but faggots have perfected media warfare to make this seem like an avengers movie, that is what is annoying about their alliance.
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 19:44:53 125235 86
58937a884054458[...].jpg 514Кб, 1024x1024
image (1) (1).png 1814Кб, 1024x1024
The Investigative Committee has received data on the receipt of money from Ukraine to the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Crocus

The investigation has at its disposal confirmed data on the receipt by the perpetrators of the terrorist attack of significant amounts of money and cryptocurrency from Ukraine, which were used in the preparation of the crime," the statement said.

Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 19:49:39 125236 87
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 00:31:21 125244 88
изображение.png 422Кб, 624x765
17116521301350.png 279Кб, 624x765
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 00:36:10 125245 89
пес-патрон.mp4 37862Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:01
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 01:59:58 125248 90
GJw40wCXsAAjAEE.jpg 53Кб, 1004x755
>let me put my nightmare goggles
>It's an improvement
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 02:07:02 125249 91
videoPreview.webp 18Кб, 720x405
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 09:49:25 125252 92
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 09:59:34 125253 93
17116943344730.mp4 5135Кб, 720x916, 00:00:13
Power plants all over eastern and parts of western Ukraine right now

Massive attack on power supply facilities in Ukraine since morning
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 10:01:21 125254 94
image.png 428Кб, 650x400
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 10:13:23 125255 95
хрюклам рабам я[...].mp4 638Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:09
image.png 1071Кб, 2400x1409
image.png 1435Кб, 1920x1080
C-70 battletest in Ukraine
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 10:54:14 125257 96
image.png 5Кб, 275x183
Imagine if they had come to power in Russia?
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 11:05:21 125258 97
image.png 211Кб, 480x360
image.png 1446Кб, 1280x720
image.png 957Кб, 1280x720
image.png 954Кб, 712x535
The only thing I like about Russian libertarians is their women.
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 13:38:25 125260 98
image.png 556Кб, 1024x576
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 16:18:53 125263 99
>A man was beaten to death in India's Delhi after asking people not to urinate in the street.
Based, return to tradition.
I wonder how useful Okhotniks are. I mean, they're probably quite expensive toys.
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 16:23:41 125264 100
bomber.jpg 47Кб, 679x383
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 16:44:52 125265 101
image (16).png 821Кб, 1187x1280
Not him, but all I've heard is that they are an assistant to the Su-57 pilot who gives him voice commands, AI+human, sort of like forming a new Russian aviation doctrine
Although the latter is inaccurate
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 18:22:54 125267 102
1698447835310110.jpg 120Кб, 831x639
I think Putin's a pretty cool guy. eh shots Ukrainians and doesn't afraid of anything.
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 19:15:14 125269 103
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 20:47:48 125272 104
image.png 156Кб, 332x185
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 21:15:57 125276 105
>terrorists are all dressed with Adidas tracking suits
>FSB spooks dressed with Zara Navy Blue pullovers, suits
>muh it was the West giving 5000 euros
It was all some controlled event like a special Slav ethnocide operation where one side wears white or red ribbons and other wears green, blue, yellow ribbons .
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 21:27:04 125277 106
Why were the terrorists traveling to Kiev? They were taken near Bryansk. The place has been identified by local anons.
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 21:28:15 125278 107
image.png 2504Кб, 1280x853
Two sisters Anna and Tatiana Makarskiy, who survived the terrorist attack in Volgodonsk 24 years ago, were killed in the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Moscow Region. The Emergency Situations Ministry published their names on the list of the dead.


You can't escape your fate.
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 21:48:33 125279 108
Conspiracy theory
for false flag operation to blame Ukraine, FSB spook sends telegram message or whatever to them - "please proceed to Kiev, Ukraine border".

other theory
Since Russia-Ukraine border is a warzone easily permeated by ethnic Russian terrorist formations, terrorist Chechen, terrorist Islamists, it is easier to enter Ukraine. Take account that Ukraine has invited Islamists from Syria and Russian separatists, and they fight as co-belligerent.
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 22:15:53 125281 109
029, video2024-[...].mp4 28240Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:29
>it is easier to enter Ukraine.
Maybe it was like that in the days of Prigozhin's hysterics, but now there is a fortress of ССО(Special Operations Forces), tank brigades and territorial defense of Belgorod guarding the border. According to the terrorists' testimony, they were supposed to be met by Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups, and they were also supposed to cover the terrorists' withdrawal by a massive attack from Ukraine.
On March 12, the Ukrainians tried to create an operational direction there by means of a massive offensive to take Belgorod under control, but they failed.

The usual theory is probably that it was a failure of the intelligence services and external operatives were waiting in the wrong place. Internal operatives are responsible for evacuating and controlling the situation in places where terrorist attacks are likely to be expected to minimize casualties. Because it's logical and the right thing to do. I believe that's what any world agency would do.
Why am I so sure? I have a videotape from the afternoon of that day. Armed agency-officers were frantically combing the area around Krokus, and probably bought into a fake cell. You may notice the Crocus Expo sign on the right.
Staging a terrorist attack is dumb and makes no sense. To just accuse Ukraine? You need solid evidence of Ukrainian trace to be presented to the public, in this case to the UN.
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 22:51:47 125282 110
image.png 1008Кб, 1125x1101
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 22:53:21 125283 111
1708757129903.mp4 757Кб, 640x360, 00:00:21
Please don't saint our clowns.

Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 23:13:38 125284 112
17117428683320.mp4 3920Кб, 464x848, 00:00:19
17117428684741.mp4 22925Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:02
A terrorist attack has been prevented in Stavropol region, three citizens of Central Asian countries have been detained.

The FSB department also states that the components of IEDs, chemical substances and destructive elements have been seized at the place of residence of the defendants in the case. The terrorist attack was planned in places of mass gathering of people.

Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 23:40:26 125285 113
image.png 393Кб, 353x444
>Natasha is the best bride for american incel (me)
Did you see that? Natasha's hand. You never know who's an FSB operative and who isn't. >>125284
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 23:46:59 125286 114
17117413964210.mp4 10307Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:38
Totalitarian bestiality government wants to monitor what citizens watch on YouTube Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 10:06:29 125292 115
1711750551379.mp4 3672Кб, 640x348, 00:02:20
The U.S. Department of Justice has ordered Google to release the names and addresses of YouTube viewers who watched certain videos

"This is unconstitutional, horrific, and happens every day. These YouTube warrants are frightening, allowing police to harass people simply because of the content they consume"

Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 10:11:20 125293 116
17117451447320.mp4 20043Кб, 720x1280, 00:01:19
Ukraine losses: +1 vehicle to steal people off the street.
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 10:14:28 125294 117
image.png 207Кб, 459x426
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 10:24:01 125295 118
1686015275050.webm 3976Кб, 640x640, 00:00:41
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 10:26:00 125296 119
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 12:39:18 125297 120
17117766559470.mp4 6355Кб, 960x422, 00:00:32
I hate Russian spring. Utility workers don't have time to remove snow from roofs and because of this there are always injuries. Every fucking spring.
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 12:46:00 125299 121
image.png 1112Кб, 920x516
VID202403132149[...].mp4 32097Кб, 1028x580, 00:01:29
Drone flight altitude exceeds 50 meters, which may violate local laws and ordinance, make sure you have the proper... [permission].
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 13:07:53 125301 122
1711556807414.jpeg 479Кб, 1080x1080
I thought this was going to be funny from the thumbnail but it was extremely depressing. If this unemployed woman is bringing 3 strange men (who harass her kids) into her house while her 2 children are sleeping I can barely even call this person a mother. I suspect she is a prostitute of some kind. Imagine how badly the kids are going to be bullied when the people at their school discover this video and realize that their mother gets turned out every night for strangers.
One of these kids is going to grow up to be one of those guys who murders and tortures prostitutes...
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 13:11:25 125302 123
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 16:00:43 125303 124
Django Reinhard[...].mp4 4428Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:48
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 16:56:10 125305 125
>thought this was going to be funny
Dude, this is a sad thread :)
>I suspect she is a prostitute
Either owes them money. Modern America in some places resembles Russia of the 1990s. And these guys look like gang members that even the police are afraid to mess with
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 16:57:57 125306 126
Yeah, it goes great with the video.
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 17:30:12 125309 127
This is a cartoon by one of our most anti Russia political cartoonists. When the anti russia people admit its going bad then thats a promising sign if you are Russian
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 17:31:04 125310 128
Ukraine.png 759Кб, 879x588
Oops I forgot the image
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 17:36:49 125311 129
SAstate.png 942Кб, 877x603
While I often don't agree with this particular cartoonist when he starts talking about Trump or Russia, he hits the nail on the head from time to time. This cartoon is a really good one. The absolute state of this country...
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 19:34:34 125319 130
image.png 956Кб, 1280x829
image.png 877Кб, 1280x779
image.png 1520Кб, 1280x928
image.png 1267Кб, 1280x1006
That's interesting. Thank you.
What would happen if all the caricaturists in the world got together?
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 20:55:21 125324 131
OIP (68).jpg 13Кб, 474x266
>Russia of the 1990s
I swear people who have never been through a decade like the 90s for Russia will never understand what its like, and will never understand why we give up on democracy. My country passed that threshold after covid so now I know what its like.
My mother is working herself into an early grave doing three jobs to make ends meet, and my father had to leave his family behind to immigrate to America so that he could send remittances home to help our family.
Every week I have to check the electricity schedule to see when the power outages are so I can plan around the blackouts
Every morning when I go for a walk I see unemployed young people outside the bottle shop drinking beer before lunch time. When I get on the bus to the train station I see homeless people injecting drugs in broad daylight on the side of the road.
Every month at the university there are people who have to drop out of their studies completely because the government organization that was created to fund poor university students arbitrarily stops paying people without warning or reason.
Every single day people die of preventable issues on the floor of hospitals because there are no beds for them and not enough medicine or doctors to treat them. At the same time individuals flood in through our open borders because free healthcare is a right to all within our borders.
Every day our cities become more and more rundown because gangsters take control of buildings, and the police are not allowed to help evict the gangsters who take control of the buildings. Because of this our once prosperous city centers have now become massive urban slums. The only way businesses can operate in this environment without being threatened or coerced is to hire private security that guard the buildings with guns.
Education has become so poor that for some subjects 30% (!!!) for final exams is enough to pass. Yet, 20% of students still fail to pass the exams. In rural areas many students, if they need the bathroom at school have to use latrines. Every year there is a story of a student who dies because they fell into the hole while shitting and drowned!
Every month food becomes more and more expensive due to inflation. And this is made worse by the fact that our railway network is so rundown and neglected that everything needs to be transported by trucks, which makes things even more expensive due to how EXPENSIVE petrol has become!
Our postal network collapsed last year, and over 100 post offices closed down because they could not operate anymore. And many big brands will not even import things by mail to this country because theft is so rampant in the postal system that sending anything here is a huge liability.

I could go on and on and on but you get the picture. This is a national NIGHTMARE. And every year our elected politicians come up infront of the cameras to tell us what an excellent job they have done, and how they are on the brink of fixing all our problems. And every day they finf ways to fuck over those that need them most and betray the trust of the nation. If we ever see our own Putin nobody in this country will mourn as long as he actually fixes the problems. At some point things get so bad that you would be willing to give up flowery idealistic ideas like democracy just to have stability and a functional country. And obviously the Americans would weep about the death of democracy and chastise us but I have to ask them, WHAT DID 30 YEARS OF DEMOCRACY BRING US?!
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 21:04:01 125325 132
1689015498861-0.png 95Кб, 238x227
And that is not to say that there are no good things or things I love about this country. There are countless. Thats why I stay. I just want our foreign friends not to be so quick to judge people who support autocracy and dictatorship.
Until you have been in our shoes you will never know what its like to watch democracy fail. And you will never understand our contempt for democracy.
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 21:55:08 125327 133
16880459342270.jpg 286Кб, 768x1024
Well, this is a good post.
I didn't know that everything is so shitty in Ilon Musk's homeland, didn't joining BRICS bring any improvements? Even though it doesn't work to its full potential due to western market restrictions, it must still have some upside. Just in case you are into farming, Russia is building villages (30 villages are planned) for South African Boers who, according to Russian conditions, are supposed to farm and develop it, contributing to the Russian economy.

It is widely believed in the west and among Russian liberals that Putin is rigging the results, despite evidence to the contrary from foreign observers, including from the US/Europe. Granted, maybe 87% looks too fantastic, but I can say with certainty that he will at least get his 60% absolutely honestly and deservedly, simply because Russia no longer has the shit it had 24 years ago. Fuck, he just came in and did everything right, put whoever needed to go to jail, whoever needed to be destroyed, whoever needed to be taken by the balls, whoever needed to be put in the right places, prevented the sale of businesses to western corporations, leaving everything to the Russians, people started getting paid(!!!) without delays, there was food on the shelves and many other things, organized crime gangs started to be destroyed with extreme brutality, he literally declared war on them.
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 22:00:40 125328 134
>he literally declared war on them.
And won that war.

They burst into my office in the Kremlin, pounded my fist on the table and told me that I was a nobody here and that if they wanted to, they would put another president in office.
(c) V.Putin, a verbatim paraphrase of a quote he gave in an interview last decade.
The hohols are trying to cosplay the Surovikin line Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 22:04:52 125329 135
17118208184710.jpg 1034Кб, 1280x847
17118208184731.jpg 862Кб, 1280x853
17118208184742.jpg 557Кб, 1280x853
17118208184763.jpg 996Кб, 1280x843
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 22:15:31 125330 136
videoplayback ([...].mp4 7777Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:43
Two news:

Zelensky started hinting at negotiations and discarded the thesis of Ukraine's withdrawal to the 1991 borders. Now he puts Ukraine's borders until 2022 as the initial condition for negotiations.

Peskov responded to Zelensky’s statement on possible negotiations that the geopolitical situation in Ukraine has changed significantly since Russia’s proposal for negotiations: in short, according to him, this means "fuck off, you should have said yes when you were asked earlier".

is related >>125329
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 22:18:39 125331 137
1709922202827.webm 189Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:01
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 22:21:21 125332 138
I wonder which Ukrainian front will get a drinking song when this war is over.
This song is so jolly, and yet the Volkhov front was more so than most places on the Eastern Front an utterly horrific place to be stationed. 150 000 soviet soldiers ended up as casualties on this godforsaken hellhole. It is where the traitor Vlasov betrayed Russia after being encircled, where the seige of Leningrad was decided

It will probably be the worst one to be in lol. Maybe the Donbass Militias will have a drinking song about holding the line since 2004. I have so far really enjoyed the music from this front. https://youtu.be/K9iYEazk_mw?si=k9v4wqep-9sfbqJJ
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 22:30:22 125333 139
>traitor Vlasov
Many of today's RDK faggots fighting on the side of Ukraine wear the patches of Vlasov's army, as if to proclaim the connection and heredity of ideas. It's cool that you like Russian history, interesting.
>Drinking songs
I think it's going to be something like this(lol):
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 22:36:40 125334 140
photo1711695360.jpg 799Кб, 1024x1024
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 22:36:48 125335 141
I linked this song but the version you just sent me (live version?) is the best I have heard.
This is not bad at all, but it does not have the right gravity

May I ask, does Operation Bagration have any decent songs about it? I have not heard any
Anonymous  30/03/24 Суб 23:25:50 125337 142
>I linked this song but the version you just sent me (live version?) is the best I have heard.
While I was listening to the first link, at the same time I was writing a post. After I replied I already realized you sent it to me(lol). Sorry.

>May I ask, does Operation Bagration have any decent songs about it? I have not heard any
Unfortunately, I am not well acquainted with the songography of this war, so I can't say anything about it, although a cursory search on the Internet didn't give me any results about it.
Interesting fact:
Some of the songs sung in this war have their origins in medieval Russia, such as "Marusya". This song was used as a march to go to war with the Tatars.
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 01:01:48 125342 143
fakecall-uptoar[...].mp4 8437Кб, 854x480, 00:02:10
prank1.png 936Кб, 1641x1019
Fake letter distributed in a village in Portugal calling on alleged elderly ex-soldiers to fight in Ukraine
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 09:10:55 125344 144
wDBvwSzz3lc-1.jpg 200Кб, 810x1080
Lol. Russians have a saying: "a fairy tale is a lie, but there's a hint in it". Actually, in case you didn't know, in the U.S. the government is encouraging homeless people to volunteer in the Ukrainian army. So most likely the jokers are preparing the Portuguese public :)

More news from Portugal and not only related to Ukraine, like how Luís Eduardo Castro was drinking his Portuguese martini in a bar on the Portuguese coast, but suddenly João Henrique Barreto came up and shit in his martini glass: a stabbing started, 86 people killed, 43 people injured, the bar burned down, witness Cíntia Igrejas (name changed) claims she saw aliens circling in the sky before the fight. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the incident. Are you telling me you don't have that going on? 100% happens every day. You just don't tell.
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 09:59:10 125346 145
17118661638280.mp4 833Кб, 1280x640, 00:00:06
17118661638333.jpg 179Кб, 600x591
Odessa (last night)
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 10:06:26 125347 146
Events you described are common for Brazil, not Portugal. Portugal is ok.
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 11:16:43 125348 147
I just want more different news from different countries. Otherwise I feel like an arrogant white crow who only posts about my country.
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 13:27:42 125350 148
17118775569733.png 62Кб, 547x258
1711361174828.jpg 95Кб, 640x640
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 20:46:54 125353 149
>Foreigners think annual conscription numbering 150.000 is a new mobilization for SVO
It's getting tiring at this point and they're still going to buy it.
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 20:50:06 125354 150
17119058651250.mp4 18310Кб, 640x360, 00:02:20
Moscow has demanded that Kiev arrest and extradite all those involved in the terrorist attacks in Russia, including SBU head Vasily Malyuk, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"The Foreign Ministry has conveyed to the Ukrainian authorities the requirements under the International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings (ICBT) and the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism (ICSFTU) for the immediate arrest and extradition of all those involved," the ministry said.

The Kiev authorities must immediately stop any support for terrorist activities, extradite the perpetrators and compensate for the damage caused to the victims. Violation of the former Soviet republic's obligations under the above-mentioned conventions will lead to international legal responsibility, the ministry summarized.

Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 21:03:59 125355 151
These idiots don't know that Russia has a draft for conscripts in the army? Lol.
Mobilization of reservists and conscription of conscripts for service are not the same thing.
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 21:14:46 125356 152
Funny fait divers don't happen here all the time. take account in your population. Examples: Moscow City (13 millions) > Brazil's São Paulo city (not metropolis or State of São Paulo) 12,4 millions > Portugal's entire pop (10,5 millions). Plus Zeleclown said - former Mariupol population = Lisbon city 500k people - (not metropolitan area)
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 21:37:47 125357 153
ssstwitter.com1[...].mp4 2429Кб, 1080x1080, 00:00:20
Uh oh, I certainly hope Russia hasn't been attacking diplomats. That would be a silly mistake.
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 21:57:22 125359 154
Yes, I realise, I was joking, if anything. I meant that if something happens it would be interesting to read.

Preparing for WW3 like this: >>125354
Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 22:12:05 125360 155
16979022615850.mp4 6097Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:38
slay ha.webm 3164Кб, 360x640, 00:00:30
16934803770320.mp4 1770Кб, 240x426, 00:00:39
WWIII STARTS HERE Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 23:11:44 125361 156
The Russian Foreign Ministry has said that an investigation has found a Ukrainian trace in a number of terrorist attacks that took place in Russia recently. The corresponding statement appeared on the website of the Russian ministry.

It said that the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall was not the first attack against Russia in recent years, and the investigation showed that "the traces of all these crimes lead to Ukraine".

The Foreign Ministry went on to list all the high-profile assassination attempts in recent years, including the cases of Daria Dugina, Vladlen Tatarsky, Zakhar Prilepin and his driver Alexander Shubin. Also on the list are the bombing of the Crimean bridge and raids by the Russian Volunteer Corps (recognised as a terrorist organisation in the Russian Federation) on Russian border regions.

The ministry demanded that the Ukrainian authorities arrest and extradite to Russia all those involved in the attacks, including the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Vasyl Malyuk, citing the provisions of the conventions on combating terrorist bombings and terrorist financing. Kiev is also required to compensate for the damage caused.

Before that it became known that the attacker of the "Crocus City Hall" Faridun Shamsiddin was associated with Tajik extremists living in Turkey.

Earlier it was reported that the FSB received data on the organisers of terrorist attacks in Russia.

Anonymous  31/03/24 Вск 23:33:17 125362 157
Why do my replies here get deleted sometimes?
I didn't say anything that would warrant my post getting deleted.
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 00:15:12 125366 158
Here comes one stupid troll who starts posting in Russian, against the rules of the thread, and is constantly banned for it.
If you were responding to a Russian-language post, I assume the mod has an option that deletes the post and all discussion related to it.
So never mind that. It's just that the mod probably didn't think of it when making it.
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 00:15:51 125367 159
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 01:59:47 125368 160
>you replied to my post
Well, apperantly it is not deleted, but somehow got hidden.
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 02:18:40 125369 161
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 03:39:45 125370 162
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 03:41:03 125371 163
what's the context for this?
i'm not very good at english speaks
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 04:25:52 125372 164
sucks.png 15Кб, 264x255
sucks2.png 39Кб, 1916x200
gay fuckers btw
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 11:44:02 125373 165
I'm not much of a website builder, but it looks like a good joke for the first of April.
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 11:50:47 125374 166
МЧС.mp4 9389Кб, 1080x1920, 00:00:23
The head of the Rostov Emergencies Ministry Sergey Filippov stole a fire engine in Novoshakhtinsk. This is how the lieutenant general decided to teach a lesson to the employees who left the equipment with the keys unattended.

Instead of going to swear at his subordinates, the general simply drove off in the company fire truck, the keys to which were inside.

"I don't know what to do with such security and such people" Filippov summarised.
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 12:32:23 125376 167
237c29679211707[...].gif 450Кб, 500x279
Short version: US diplomats have been randomly getting brain damage for a few years, and it turns out GRU are probably doing it with directed energy weapons of new design. This is highly dangerous - attacks on diplomats undermine the post-Westphalian international order, and do you really want to start a spy fight with the CIA? They have a heart attack gun, you know. Anyway here's the report, it's long and good: https://theins.ru/politika/270420
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 12:40:57 125377 168
image.png 10Кб, 616x115
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 12:42:32 125378 169
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 12:45:41 125379 170
And a happy first of April to you, too. It's 20+ degrees Celsius in Moscow and snowing at the same time. Nature itself is joking on this day.
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 12:51:38 125380 171
It looks very funny, it reminds me of old Russian TV from the 2000s, in particular the Ren-TV channel, where the presenter with horror and mystery told us that crows' feathers are getting stronger every generation and that in 100 years they will be like bullet-proof armour. Their intelligence improves every generation and in the future they will enslave mankind. By the way, you have a great writer who hasn't been poisoned by the Novichok yet, his pen name is Victor Suvorov, a former GRU agent, he has a ton of cool books. Try reading his book called Aquarium, I think you'll like it.
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 12:53:48 125381 172
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 13:03:46 125382 173
1711964720910.mp4 16776Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:44
A new propaganda video from the Russian Armed Forces for Ukrainians, which touches on the theme of class division of society against the background of scandals that almost all children of major Ukrainian officials evacuated abroad (to the USA and Europe), even despite the ban on crossing the border.
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 13:05:10 125383 174
118752691.jpg 106Кб, 1024x1024
When one is in Russia where are the best places to enjoy Russian classics? The obvious answer is the Bolshoi, however I have heard numerous reports that the quality of the shows there are not always great because it is pretty much a tourist trap, and that the politics and rivalry between the performers often distracts them.

Mussorgsky's masterpiece Boris Godunov has been my source of comfort for a few years now, especially the scene from the prologue where the peasants are singing outside the Duma and Shchelkalov addresses them. The issue is that Westerners have no fucking clue how to present this opera. I saw one on Youtube and all the clothing was Byzantine instead of Russian for some reason. And non Russian singers just don't have the right intensity and inflection. So I figure I must make an effort to see it whenever I get the chance to visit Russia. I just want to know the best sorts of places for this.
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 13:11:46 125384 175
I don't see why it would benefit you to read OUR news of all things but just in case, I picked out 4 interesting articles for the week, incase you wanted to read it for some reason.
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 13:45:46 125385 176
image.png 208Кб, 700x475
image.png 480Кб, 583x349
image.png 897Кб, 667x500
Don't you guys find it interesting that lots of medieval European and Persian maps have a city called 'Grustina' (believed to be from the root word Grusti, which means sadness in Russian. Pretty ominous!) more or less where the city of Tomsk is today. This ancient city was presumably destroyed by the Mongols. But whats even more strange is that near Tomsk there is a Tatar village and tribe called Eushta which is also believed to derive from the word sad in the Turkic languages of the area.
And interestingly in the city of Tomsk construction sights that need to dig underground OFTEN accidentally dig into underground tunnels and burial grounds full of bones. And the tunnel network under Tomsk is absolutely huge. That suggests that the city named after sadness itself was an underground city of ritual importance.
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 15:04:56 125386 177
17119726755270.mp4 1572Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:41
i don't know if they celebrate 1 april in portugal, but in russia it's a day of funny jokes
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 15:23:43 125387 178
image.png 819Кб, 673x734
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 15:27:01 125389 179
1711966287185.mp4 24162Кб, 1280x560, 00:01:04
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 17:18:59 125390 180
russiangirls1.png 1758Кб, 1892x870
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 20:38:15 125392 181
1705508753375130.jpg 421Кб, 750x976
Why is a guy singing about being a spider over a techno beat a meme in Russia? Please explain
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 20:58:42 125393 182
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 21:01:09 125394 183
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 21:09:03 125395 184
image.png 731Кб, 911x541
Yes, ALTHOUGH I may be loosing something in translation
Its called запрети мне ходить в редане or something
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 15:18:28 125402 185
ssstwitter.com1[...].mp4 2057Кб, 576x1088, 00:00:13
So you're telling me a Cessna was filled with explosives, turned into a drone and flown 1200km from Ukraine to Tatarstan where it hit a Shahed factory? If there wasn't clear footage, I wouldn't believe a word of it.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 15:20:08 125403 186
ssstwitter.com1[...].mp4 635Кб, 464x848, 00:00:09
Shit, this is just the boring aftermath. The correct video is attached.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 18:09:17 125404 187
My honest evaluation is that it is a psychological warfare tactic. Clearly whoever organized that bombing has technology beyond just a cesna with explosives.
BUT making it look like it was a Cesna is a good way to humiliate the enemy. If I were fighting an enemy much bigger than me I would also utilize these mind games to make my attacks disproportionately more relevant.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 18:20:40 125405 188
image.png 114Кб, 1047x451
image.png 64Кб, 1049x308
I seriously recommend this as mandatory reading while your country is fighting the USA. It helps to know your enemy. I somehow doubt these are translated to Russian though.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 18:38:24 125406 189
image.png 1576Кб, 1164x719
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 19:19:24 125407 190
F3L-fBlW4AAHRce[1] 217Кб, 359x755
F3MAu7BWMAIxLtg[1] 685Кб, 1024x1023
Turns out it's not an ordinary Shahed factory: the 'employees' are teens and youths on poorly-paid 'training contracts'. Всё для победы indeed.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 21:12:11 125409 191
This is a college at a factory that trains drone engineers (system programmers), they also do internships with an instructor at the factory. Their "products" don't go into business until they are certified.
Every factory has a college. Are you saying that's not the case in Britain?

The strike was on a college dormitory, the plan was to kill as many students as possible.

The drone itself was launched from Russian territory by people from the Ukrainian security services who had infiltrated into Russia along with the two million Ukrainian refugees (the first place in terms of the number of Ukrainian refugees accepted in Europe).


70 thousand rubles here is equivalent to 4 thousand pounds sterling, not 600 as you calculated. Russia ranks fifth in the world and first in Europe in terms of purchasing power, which means that the average Russian can buy more with his average salary than you can, and numbers and conversion don't play any role here. We have our own economic zone.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 22:19:27 125410 192
pretty good move on his behalf. the next time they wont be so careless
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 22:30:28 125411 193
>Peskov responded to Zelensky’s statement on possible negotiations that the geopolitical situation in Ukraine has changed significantly since Russia’s proposal for negotiations

but this wasnt recently right? i think there was such a statement a while back
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 22:32:40 125412 194
Looks interesting, thanks anon.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 22:37:16 125413 195
It states that 13 are injured in translation, but I would translate пострадали as dead, which one is it? Anyways, poor lads.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 22:48:13 125414 196
13 people were injured. There were no fatalities.
This drone purely physically does not have enough fuel to fly 1,000 kilometres, so it was assembled and launched on Russian territory. Moreover, it did not cause any damage to production. This is just another media propaganda by Ukraine for its domestic audience.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 22:49:11 125415 197
Interesting, for the collection. The Russians have plenty of such books too.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 22:53:42 125416 198
That was three years ago. At that time, Russia offered Zelensky to accept neutrality and recognise Crimea. And he agreed, signing part of the documents. But Boris Johnson flew to Kiev and said that they would not allow it and that it was necessary to fight to the last man. Johnson himself admitted this recently. Ukraine is a country sold to Western corporations with their guts, they have no autonomy.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 22:56:36 125417 199
Peskov also clarified the context and said that Russia was ready to negotiate but that it was necessary to accept the fact that Russia has new regions that are no longer Ukrainian. I.e. both sides have set initial conditions.
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 00:08:18 125419 200
image (4).png 553Кб, 816x1197
image (5).png 571Кб, 1547x868
image.png 3976Кб, 1920x1080
image.png 15593Кб, 3840x2160
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 00:18:48 125421 201
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 00:22:49 125422 202
>They also released a technical version of their upcoming game Front Edge (NATO vs Russia in Ukraine)
I will buy that, I'm hard as fuck at the notion.
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 00:26:29 125423 203
Thanks man, I'm off to make mods for their Dark Fate.
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 13:45:09 125427 204
image.png 37Кб, 980x597
I think prices are going up because of instability in the world market. This war is more global than it seems. By the way, they are also rising in our country, but not as fast as in Europe.
The second news story is amazing. I even had to look up the backstory to understand the origins.
This site doesn't like Russians. Although I've gotten used to "Country not allowed" and "Access denied". However, this site loves Americans;)
Taking away land without trial and investigation is a "raider seizure", my father and I were taken away from the land where we grew potatoes to avoid starvation in 1995. Armed men, bandits, simply came and said that it was their land. Militia (now Police) was nothing then and could not help. But for the state or officials to be involved in this is unthinkable.
That's right and I found a new soldier for them - a superhero popular with normies - Chistomen (literal translation Clean-o-men)
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 14:01:49 125428 205
171208982525455[...].mp4 30124Кб, 1920x1080, 00:01:30
A husky was lost in Kamchatka (far east of Russia). She was searched for and found with the help of a drone. She was walking in the forest with her bear friends and was not going home.
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 16:58:38 125433 206
Screenshot 2023[...].png 9Кб, 568x719
>The second news story is amazing. I even had to look up the backstory to understand the origins.
Haha amazing is a bit of a flowery word to describe it but I know what you mean. What you have to understand when you read about things like this is that our political corruption relies on a "Bottom Up" system, which is why very small local level politicians and administrators are the victims of assassinations. (See: https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2023-09-06-52-councillors-dead-in-kzn-political-killings/) So it may seem strange that school administrators get targeted but in context this is very typical. Let me explain what I mean

The South African government is bureaucratic to a fault. That means that we have a massive amount of public sector employees. This is a complicated issue but it has a simple source. Since the 1950s and the days of White rule in this country, the government has used the public sector to empower certain groups of people that it favored. In the days of the Afrikaans government between the 50s and 90s the group that received this treatment were Afrikaaners. This was because the Afrikaans government wanted to empower Afrikaaners to reach equality with the more well off English speaking South Africans. But in the 90s the new Black government wanted to do the same thing but instead to help black people reach the level of white people. So basically the government hands out these bureaucratic jobs to help people it Favours. The English word for this concept is "patronage". As a result in our political culture these jobs are viewed as 'favors' that politicians give out to their friends and family to help them.
As a result we have a very strong cancer in our politics that dictates that you must help your friends, and your friends will help you back. So the people on the local level owe their loyalty to the politicians above them who gave them their jobs. As a result, politicians here have become extremely dependent on those under them to facilitate their corruption.
This is made more serious by the fact that unlike in other countries, money goes up from the bottom to the top. That is to say local politicians collect taxes, take their cut of the money, and send the rest to the politicians above them, who take their cut and send it to the politicians above them etc etc until it reaches the top. But the issue is that once the money reaches the top there is so little of it left that EVERYONE has to engage in this practice to give the politicians at the top enough money. This is why politicians at the bottom die if they are not loyal. Their bosses need them to perpetuate the system. So when some upstart with a clear vision and decency makes his way into the system, his rivals have permission and consent from those on higher levels to assassinate him.
Universities like Fort Hare are important in this system because they bring up the next generation of foot soldiers and keep the system of patronage alive.

One day the masses will wake up to the rape of our nation committed by the political class. They will not be able to use their terror tactics against all of us when that day comes. One decent man from the Zulu province trying to het into government, or a university administrator is an easy target. But they will not be able to wipe out an immovable wall of millions of angry people. We need a united front, we need solidarity and we need direction. Our day will come, maybe not in my lifetime but I sleep well at night knowing god is watching. We will wash over them like the unstoppable tide of the ocean.
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 20:40:17 125436 207
image.png 1717Кб, 1000x1000
<<the initial power of the "Kaliningrad burner" (aka "Baltic jammer") has increased since December 23 and started affecting GPS navigation in 10 European countries: Poland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The type of device affecting GPS operation throughout eastern and northern Europe remains undetermined>>

lmao muh communist wunderwaffe
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 20:57:55 125437 208
image.png 5830Кб, 2158x1500
image.png 571Кб, 1000x671
image.png 722Кб, 1000x667
image.png 1578Кб, 1226x853
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 20:59:51 125438 209
image.png 985Кб, 990x686
image.png 980Кб, 900x600
image.png 3284Кб, 1510x1000
image.png 1897Кб, 1280x850
Anonymous  04/04/24 Чтв 02:03:28 125442 210
image.png 845Кб, 704x838
iran will attack israel within 48 hours, vox reports, claiming the csr has already informed the israeli leadership about it https://t.me/dmitrynikotin/18336

Anonymous  04/04/24 Чтв 02:07:13 125443 211
image.png 1519Кб, 1024x768
шhat are we gonna do?
iran have nukes
Anonymous  04/04/24 Чтв 10:28:45 125446 212
in /b/ a mass uprising against captcha of abu
Anonymous  04/04/24 Чтв 10:29:54 125447 213
the people are dissatisfied and want the monarch's blood
Anonymous  04/04/24 Чтв 12:06:48 125448 214
43b65158d4.mp4 973Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:12
17122193821780.mp4 10920Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:14
17122193823453 [...].mp4 5630Кб, 480x854, 00:00:18
For every such incident, 10 Geraniums or even Calibers are flown in.
The inscriptions on the wreckage usually help you figure out what specific case the counterstrike was for. These are kind of like angry messages on WhatsApp, only in real life.
Anonymous  04/04/24 Чтв 22:22:03 125452 215
ssstwitter.com1[...].mp4 1181Кб, 450x360, 00:00:15
This looks very dank, is it ridiculously stressful to play like Call of Arms where if you lose concentration for 15 seconds you lose the match?

Yep that's the logic of war innit: strike and counterstrike.

Anyway what idiot is selling FPV drones to the Burmese rebels ffs? They're fighting a Maoist-style Peoples' War here, it's going to end it fucking chaos. Look could everyone please try to avoid nuclear war for the next few months? I'm having a Chekhov-style whirlwind love affair and don't want my cervix-slamming action interrupted by the double flash, thanks.
Anonymous  04/04/24 Чтв 22:47:50 125453 216
image.png 2032Кб, 1200x675
I played it on the advice of this anon
its only disadvantage is that it is not polished and just came out, but so it's a good copy of syrian warfare(screenshot) in the setting of terminator they even have the same game engine, so the comparison with call to arms is incorrect
I personally liked it, I give this game a 7\10
developers promised on their vk page that they will continue to polish the game and make dlc
call to arms is a multiplayer grind with no soul, better men of war assault squad 2
Anonymous  04/04/24 Чтв 23:18:26 125454 217
Combat-Mission-[...].png 3564Кб, 1920x1080
Looks like a simplified (or worse) version of the Combat Mission games, not so good.
Anonymous  05/04/24 Птн 00:00:55 125455 218
you should play first, russophobe)
Anonymous  05/04/24 Птн 00:05:42 125456 219
or 'for start'
I don't know how to spell it
okay, fuck english I've always loved german lmao
Anonymous  05/04/24 Птн 00:46:17 125457 220
image.png 1708Кб, 1271x716
A good game to play is C&C:Zero Hour, with The end of Days (TEOD) mod.
Has Russia as a faction on top of the 3 vanilla ones (China, US, GLA). They will add Europe in 2025.
Each of the faction has 3 unique paths (army styles). So there's plenty of variety.
AI is hard to beat on hard since the latest patch (didn't manage to beat it yet, no bullshit cheats, except it has no fog of war, obviously).
It's based on real life, so you will see familiar, realistic equipment. Kalibr, Kinzhals, Tu-22M3, M270, Abrams, Patriot, so on.
Anonymous  05/04/24 Птн 01:29:38 125458 221
17122294279850.mp4 4842Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:50
Anonymous  05/04/24 Птн 11:57:44 125459 222
17123072509341.mp4 2624Кб, 476x360, 00:00:29
Can someone identify the accent?
05/04/24 Птн 17:21:05 125460 223
Anonymous  05/04/24 Птн 18:04:02 125461 224
image.png 966Кб, 1311x624

What is the limit of threads per section (in the catalog)?
Anonymous  05/04/24 Птн 19:32:40 125465 225
image.png 1674Кб, 1000x750
image.png 1362Кб, 1024x578
After-Before 2014
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 11:36:14 125470 226
2a554a398a.mp4 1115Кб, 464x848, 00:00:05
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 11:41:22 125471 227
17123861911830.mp4 12432Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:31
06/04/24 Суб 14:34:50 125473 228
image.png 855Кб, 527x714
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 19:23:08 125478 229
there is nothing wrong with this one. you can't see his right arm and hand.
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 19:34:45 125479 230
Pima County Dep[...].mp4 16754Кб, 854x480, 00:04:20
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 21:30:53 125484 231
Are you serious? A cop took a kid's father away from him. He'll spend the rest of his life blaming himself for it and thinking, "I wish that faggot had beaten her up, but they're both still alive." Domestic violence problems should be solved with a shot in the leg as a last resort, not murder.
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 21:33:03 125485 232
And yes, why do Americans always act like this? They know full well that the cops shoot to kill, but they keep resisting and endangering their lives. Is it part of the mentality? I just don't get it.
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 21:54:50 125487 233
200.mp4 21411Кб, 640x360, 00:03:40
Mein Gott, die sind so was von im Arsch
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 22:03:16 125488 234
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 22:08:05 125489 235
1711932438819515.jpg 849Кб, 1024x1024
I don't think anyone here but me and you give a damn about that.
It's just a cool ending)
You're all powerful and cool, you decide to go on safari to shoot retarded Russians and you're instantly killed by an AGS grenade, lmao
This is ridiculous
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 22:28:02 125491 236
17124293087040.png 183Кб, 627x306
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 22:59:20 125492 237
What is this wunderwaffe?
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 23:39:16 125493 238
After I posted here my comment, I went to look up in youtube since fellow gaymers in trannycord shared the Katana video before and remember that channel.

Surprise Police Officer Fatally Shoots Man Armed With Shotgun Following Domestic Dispute Call
The video's description is the following:
>As the officer turned the corner he encountered Ledesma facing him with a black shotgun in his right hand. Ledesma stated "don't come in".
>As Ledesma stated this, he begins to bring the shotgun up in the officer's Direction. It was at this point the officer fired multiple times, striking Ledesma.
>Officers attempted life-saving measures, however Ledesma passed away on the scene. A shotgun was removed from Ledesma's possession
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 00:20:15 125494 239
ar151.mp4 744Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:01
ar152.mp4 1455Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:03
>he had an AR-15
>male suspect,..., AR-15
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 17:00:29 125517 240
GKiZ0YXMAAuOYY[1] 178Кб, 1600x1068
Meanwhile, Israel abandoned their plans to completely destroy the Gaza Strip, pulled the army out of the South and are redeploying North and West to counter the incoming Iranian-led counteroffensive.

When that day comes, and it's coming very soon, it will be the official start of WW3 - the one that the history books will record. I say 'books', I mean 'etchings on cave walls and clay tablets'.
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 19:36:29 125521 241
There will be a very limited war, with strange and suspicious actions hinting at a backroom deal on both sides, with the same huge number of questions for observers as in Ukraine. Screencap this post. World War III will never happen or will be a very manageable, artificially limited war.
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 22:53:35 125528 242
GKUd-zqXYAAcUiw.jpg 132Кб, 828x894
wtf is a Geely in Belarus?
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 23:33:52 125529 243
17106873441330.jpg 133Кб, 604x604
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 23:41:08 125530 244
And also a Belarusian poster in our pen on 4chan is either proud or complaining about the close trade integration with Russia and China everywhere. The Chinese are even building stadiums there. In short, the Russians and the Chinese have divided the Belarusian market, and all Belarusian goods are sold here in huge quantities - from kvass and milk to agricultural tractors and high-end household appliances And, frankly speaking, Belarusian goods are of very high quality. Lukashenko has turned Belarus into a real candy. Not without Russia's help, of course. This is a big leap in progress from a country isolated by the west, whose population is about 9 million.
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 23:43:43 125531 245
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 23:48:21 125532 246
Nowadays you can dictate text to a neural network with your shitty accent and it will translate everything into text (not without minor errors, of course), but imagine this shit didn't exist in 2014, i.e. 10 years ago. What's going to happen in 10 years? What are we preparing for?
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 00:36:07 125534 247
t.mp4 25134Кб, 640x360, 00:02:51
I translated this

Thoughts, opinions? Objections?
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 01:35:41 125536 248
touch1.png 1476Кб, 1920x1080
I didn't understand the ending - the "Saifulo" changed the background of their private messages with the blue and yellow colours of Ukrainian flag?

From this news report can be mostly for internal consumption or some traces shared by "Russophile" "opinion makers" around the world - Scott Ritter, etc. But I live in unfriendly European state to Russia, don't take my opinion into account
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 02:09:01 125538 249
Russiankino.mp4 10358Кб, 848x480, 00:01:31
>to the fact that they thought it was part of the show.
It is probably usual in Russia having immersive theatre with gunfire, the man in blue sweater is right. I remembered this video, news report
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 02:27:27 125541 250
It's a figurative expression. "A bright touch of this picture." I translated live, though I'm not that good at figurative expressions, I'll have to ask a Brit. The closest analog in meaning is: "The cherry on the cake of it all."

At the end in square brackets I indicated that this is a hint that behind the name "Saifulo" may hide operative Mykola Pidorashko from the Security Service of Ukraine, photos of injured children from Ukraine may be used in correspondence to motivate terrorists that they are doing everything right, to present it as payback. We don't know what's in their chat room. The investigation only released photos. The news correspondent suggested that this is not peculiar to radical Islamists.

One way or another, the criminals had no sense to go to Ukraine, to the war zone for nothing.
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 02:38:48 125542 251
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 02:39:09 125543 252
medvedev.png 44Кб, 596x376
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 02:48:44 125544 253
It looks like a casus belli formation, but usually nothing happens after he says it. So you can ignore it like Biden, Macron, Sunak and Sholtz. Lol.
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 03:04:31 125545 254
transprotest1.png 451Кб, 633x949
>Anyway, I see where you're going with this.
Despite whatever you are thinking about Bloc Confrontation, Ukraine, propaganda (alas in the video - the news reporter says at the start Propaganda can be a powerful tool for both sides - Russia vs Ukrainian/NAFO/USA propaganda),

I bought this video because only of theform of the theatre play - blank shots, video, soundtrack of Halloween movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPmXf7K91LM , the USA general speaking with accent "Spend some time! rather than the content or purpose of it. Here, we don't have money for immersive theatre, only dialogues about trannies
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 10:37:36 125546 255
Remember when him and Kiriyenko were bright young reformers, ready to lead Russia into the techo-capitalist utopia? I remember. Now Kiriyenko is a gauleiter and Medvedev is like a cheap copy of Goebbels. Ah, they grow up so fast!
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 10:47:05 125547 256
Also - roubles in Kyiv eh? Iron Dimon has bathed in amarone for so long that he's started to rust.
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 15:07:31 125549 257
>roubles in Kyiv
In Tajikistan rubles are highly valued, so they come here to work
You didn't know that?
A Tajik who works here for 45 thousand rubles a month, at home has the highest class, in Tajikistan usually has his own house and car
In all Old Russian annals, Kiev was called as Kiev. Kyev is a transcription of Galician (real Ukrainians) occupants. t. Professor Putin
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 15:12:51 125550 258
They brought a huge number of innovations that you, for well-known reasons, do not experience because you do not live in Russia.
One of iron dimon's accomplishments https://sk.ru/
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 15:53:29 125551 259
image.png 2130Кб, 1600x800
image.png 8536Кб, 3000x2000
image.png 2004Кб, 1280x1024
image.png 848Кб, 1280x536
>the USA general speaking with accent
Yeah, I realize how ridiculous that is.

So, okay, I hear you. Just so you know Russian propaganda sucks compared to Western propaganda. Because Western propaganda covers literally everything: from books and computer games to "charities" and "do-gooder" organizations. That's one of the reasons why Russian society is so "closed" and "restrictive". Although no one disputes that the weaknesses that led to this are the historical fault of the Russians themselves, and it will take several generations to fix this humiliating shit.

>Here, we don't have money for immersive theatre, only dialogues about trannies
I have nothing against trans people as such, in Russia they are also diagnosed with gender dysphoria, which gives a lot of opportunities that American trans people never dreamed of - free psychotherapist at any time, free tests for periodic monitoring of hormonal background for proper HRT and much more. However, I do not think that trans people should be put at the head of public policy and even more so to propagandize it. Traditional family should be at the head of public policy - traditional family is the engine of society and humanity. If a trans man in Russia says that being trans is more profitable than having a traditional family, then bad things will happen to him:

How is it, though, that wokeism has come to dominate Western society in the first place?
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 17:47:00 125555 260
Surely Kyiv (the spelling will change if the city changes hands, in the grand Danzig/Gdansk Viipuri/Vyborg tradition) would use greenbacks as a lure, given that they're seen as a US proxy? Also if a Tajik loves a rouble, wouldn't he cum in his pants for a dollar? It's just hard to believe. Then again, the SBU & co seem to be able to run round Russia poking holes in dams and lighting things on fire without much risk of arrest, so it's tough to know what to believe in the face of such intense espionage activity.

Yeah integrated business clusters are a good idea, we have such things in the West too yknow? Old Street in London, Dublin Docks etc.
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 17:50:47 125556 261
>How is it, though, that wokeism has come to dominate Western society in the first place?

If you keep people distracted with the excitement of a moral panic or any other form of theatre, it's much easier to pick their pockets. It's not a coincidence that all this shit came to a head after the Occupy movement.
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 02:03:12 125561 262
image.png 2645Кб, 1200x899
image.png 2000Кб, 1280x959
image.png 1423Кб, 962x641
image.png 1406Кб, 962x641
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 02:05:36 125562 263
image.png 1294Кб, 900x599
image.png 1015Кб, 856x641
image.png 1149Кб, 962x641
image.png 960Кб, 962x641
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 02:09:09 125563 264
image.png 1440Кб, 962x641
image.png 1139Кб, 962x641
image.png 1184Кб, 962x641
image.png 1111Кб, 856x641
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 02:11:00 125564 265
image.png 1071Кб, 962x641
image.png 585Кб, 962x641
image.png 765Кб, 962x641
image.png 1461Кб, 962x641
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 02:11:44 125565 266
image.png 1337Кб, 962x641
image.png 1365Кб, 962x641
image.png 863Кб, 856x641
image.png 1033Кб, 962x641
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 02:12:39 125566 267
image.png 1079Кб, 856x641
image.png 950Кб, 962x641
image.png 448Кб, 428x641
image.png 929Кб, 856x641
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 02:13:57 125567 268
image.png 255Кб, 427x641
image.png 838Кб, 962x641
image.png 1096Кб, 962x641
image.png 1113Кб, 961x641
US plans to throw thugs recruited in prisons into Ukraine Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 17:44:43 125573 269
image.png 1033Кб, 834x514
image.png 801Кб, 715x554
image.png 402Кб, 386x470
Several hundred representatives of Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, recruited in US prisons, the US authorities plan to send to the war zone in Ukraine, TASS has reported citing the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. It is noted that the first batch of "thugs" may be sent on a "business trip" as early as this summer.

The first batch of thugs is planned to be thrown into the war zone as early as this summer. The gang will consist of several hundred Mexicans and Colombians" the agency said.

According to intelligence, the prisoners have been promised full amnesty. If the "operation" is successful, the recruitment program may be expanded to include criminals from other countries with a difficult criminogenic situation.

Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 21:23:07 125575 270
image.png 1858Кб, 1100x733
image.png 1815Кб, 1000x667
image.png 1464Кб, 1100x733
image.png 2139Кб, 1280x720
>techo-capitalist utopia
Unironically, we're closer to that than you are)))
and it is not even about the large number of "naukograds" (science cities), but about the number of resources that ensure this goal
after the bankruptcy of the ussr and the apocalyptic crisis of the 90s, as a result of which Russia turned into an African hole for 10 years, Russia has come a long way on the road to recovery and is returning to its rightful place
You should think about what Britain will be like in the foreseeable future, because, in fact, the digital age and resource poverty have robbed Britain of its independence
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 21:23:53 125576 271
Did they like Prigozhin's idea?))))) Ironic given the abundance of condemnation on their part
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 21:26:15 125577 272
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 21:34:59 125578 273
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 00:41:49 125581 274
video2024-04-09[...].mp4 7549Кб, 640x344, 00:01:10
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 12:23:05 125582 275
image.png 381Кб, 883x534
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 12:28:41 125583 276
Lol, Roscosmos postponed the launch by 24 hours
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 12:40:08 125584 277
2.mp4 1547Кб, 480x848, 00:00:07
1 (1).mp4 1765Кб, 848x480, 00:00:08
A group of Ukrainian refugees, dissatisfied with the Polish authorities' policy of supplying Ukrainian goods and weak military aid, organized an act of retaliation and set fire to the Farmacol pharmaceutical warehouse in Poland's Katowice on the evening of April 8

Ukrainian mentality, btw: full confidence that everyone owes you everything.
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 12:57:36 125585 278
russia1.png 388Кб, 1128x434
russia2.png 428Кб, 923x945
russia3.png 43Кб, 631x234
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 13:12:37 125586 279
maxresdefault[1].jpg 115Кб, 1280x720
It's the 50s, we've got zeds under the bed! Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the United Russia Party? Also, how large are your balls, and will you present them to a private subcommittee consisting of me and my lawyer later this evening?

t. Neo-McCarthy
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 14:02:42 125587 280
>Putin terror
This form of presentation is very funny, and Politico calls all Russian media propaganda.

The very content of the articles are examples of ingenious manipulation. My compliments.
Only a very professional journalist who values his high grant can play with contrasts and substitute concepts in such a way.
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 14:22:26 125588 281
The new parameters of the law about mobilization envisage draconian fines for failure to appear on a summons to the TCC and other violations:
Failure to appear - up to 204000 UAH ($5190)
Violation of the rules of registration of persons liable for military duty - up to 17000 UAH ($436)
Violation of the legislation on military duty - up to 85000 UAH ($2182).
In addition, evaders will not be able to use bank cards and their property can be taken away from them.

Human rights violation in all its glory.
Where is the condemnation of this from the European Union?
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 14:24:25 125589 282
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 14:27:13 125590 283
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 14:57:36 125591 284
17127426653581.mp4 33687Кб, 944x1280, 00:01:29
image.png 1105Кб, 666x888
image.png 919Кб, 1024x767
Why is that so?
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 18:13:24 125597 285
image.png 525Кб, 800x400
image.png 747Кб, 800x400
The photo of a possible accomplice of terrorists from "Crocus" hiding in the woods has appeared

According to journalists, during the day he fled from the police in a forest belt. The law enforcers do not rule out that the suspect is armed. The head of the district, Mikhail Sobakin, specified that the municipality had involved officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB in his search. The official also urged residents to remain calm.

All power services of the Moscow region have been raised on alert, the plan "Siren" has been announced.
I think it's interesting because Russia is directly accusing Biden's son's Ukrainian corporation of sponsoring terrorist attacks in Russia.
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 18:14:32 125598 286
>power services
security services*
that's better
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 20:52:50 125599 287
3380dd95ae534f9[...].jpeg 249Кб, 1024x1024
Russian strategy is genuinely fascinating and often overlooked. When Stalin is discussed the conversation always veers towards Stalin the tyrant or Stalin the communist. But Stalin the strategist is never discussed or considered. It is true that in the early years of the USSR strategy was incoherent, but once the house was put in order incredible achievements were made in the pursuit of strategic objectives.
The big one, the one as old as Russia itself, was the achievement of 'Defense in Depth' through the control of vast borderlands. But there is more to be said. It is often forgotten that the Cold War basically began almost completely on the terms of the USSR, and for many decades US policy was simply reactive and not proactive. When the Soviet Union adopted the policy of "expansion" the US responded with "containment". When communist aligned states such as Vietnam and China proved tough nuts to crack, the USA had to abandon the policy of containment momentarily to adopt policies that maintained US "honor" and "prestige" in the face of setbacks.
One author on strategy (John Collins) compels me to think more on why the USSR can be said to have been the true winner of WW2. He cites Liddell Hart in saying "gaining military victory is not itself equivalent to gaining the object of policy. But... there has been a very natural tendency to lose sight of the basic national object, and identify it with the military aim. In consequence, whenever war has broken out, policy has too often been governed by the military aim - and this has been regarded as an end in itself, instead of as merely a means to an end"
I decided to quote this in full because I think it is incredibly profound if you wish to consider why the USA wins battle after battle while still managing to lose wars. And furthermore, I think it explains why Russia has something of a tendency to lose battles but win wars.
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 21:03:37 125600 288
>Won WW2
>USSR collapsed part due to East Slav demographic collapse part by WW2 causalities
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 21:20:36 125601 289
lentil1.png 163Кб, 497x783
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 21:36:10 125602 290
>People died in a war that you did not declare therefore you lost the war
I don't subscribe to this idea. What was Stalin supposed to do? Ask Hitler nicely to stop?
Even if you subscribe to the idea that the USSR overused costly human wave tactics that led to needless bloodshed (The Russians will be at my throat for saying this. They hate that narrative. But lets assume for the sake of the argument that it is true) the plain fact of the matter is that a majority of all casualties were civilian. 8,668,400 out of 26.6 million war related deaths were military. I hesitate to blame Russia for Hitler for obvious reasons

You can argue that it is Stalin's fault it was so bad because he purged the Red Army, and was ill prepared for Barbarossa but you would need to qualify that.
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 21:43:00 125604 291
>Won WW2
Is that ironic or unironic?
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 21:56:30 125606 292
Fucking kc shits are you here
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 22:13:37 125607 293
4F020D3B-C1D9-4[...].png 1321Кб, 1071x1460
Desfileconjunto[...].jpg 440Кб, 1600x1123
164754600176295[...].jpg 196Кб, 1023x717
ce2e80fa-66ee-4[...].jpg 108Кб, 1200x675
>What was Stalin supposed to do? Ask Hitler nicely to stop?
There's a prelude to Nazi Germany invasion to USSR. Alas, someone shared here in /int/ some Russian city that Weimar Republic even used to bypass Versailles treaty to train their Air Forces. There was a long colaboration to train the Armed Forces of a country would massacre a part of population of USSR and make atrocious war crimes.

>During the Weimar era, there was extensive economic interaction between Germany and the Soviet Union, and a component of German re-armament was covertly holding military training exercises in the Soviet Union to hide their extent from other countries. Germany–Soviet Union relations of the interwar period were complex, as bellicosity and cooperation coexisted in tortuous combinations.

In the end, the Baltic nationalists even used the secret clauses of Pact signed by Stalin for independence from USSR and consequent dissolution of USSR.

How can someone be a real winner
Anonymous  10/04/24 Срд 22:31:56 125608 294
This is just a "photo of solidarity". In reality, the USSR has been an opponent of Germany since the Spanish Civil War, moreover, the USSR is the only country in the League of Nations that condemned Germany's invasion of Czechoslovakia. Also USSR entered Poland not because it needed territories (because it is stupid), but because of the protection of its (ethnically Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian) population from civil unrest (Poles always considered the Russian Empire as an enemy and occupants) because of the fall of the Polish government - this, by the way, is the official reason and prerequisites for the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
Анек  11/04/24 Чтв 04:29:51 125612 295
We deplant Chicago province, your actions?
Анек  11/04/24 Чтв 04:32:57 125613 296
We completely erase plant life at all North America, your PR move? Plz don't waste my time
Анек  11/04/24 Чтв 04:37:14 125614 297
1984 debt paid, all 1989 free at large
UN International Court of Justice finds Russia not guilty Anonymous  11/04/24 Чтв 13:32:11 125615 298
1712831204326272.jpg 631Кб, 1024x1024
The UN International Court of Justice has issued a final ruling in the case involving Russia, the Ukraine v. Russia: Application of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. This decision was announced on January 31:

- The Court refused to recognize Russia as a "sponsor of terrorism" and explicitly stated that the DNR and LNR are not "terrorist organizations. This thwarted the West's plan to use the Court's verdict to impose new restrictions against Russia, including the confiscation of Russian frozen assets. At the same time, the myth of Kiev's alleged "anti-terrorist operation" in Donbas was dispelled - of course, there were no terrorists there, and the troops of the Kievan pro-american nazi regime were waging war against ordinary civilians who did not support the coup d'état in Kiev.

- The International Court of Justice also rejected Ukraine's attempt to portray the crash of the Malaysian Boeing flight MH17 as an "act of air terrorism" and to hold Russia and the Donetsk people's republic responsible for it.

- Contrary to Kiev's expectations, the Court did not find racial discrimination in the application of Russian anti-extremist legislation.

Almost simultaneously, on February 2, the Court announced a decision on its jurisdiction over another lawsuit filed by Ukraine against Russia concerning the Genocide Convention:

- The Court dismissed all charges of violation of the Genocide Convention by Russia on the grounds of lack of jurisdiction.

- At the same time, the Court left under consideration the question of whether Ukraine itself had committed genocide in Donbas.

Anonymous  11/04/24 Чтв 14:14:54 125616 299
image.png 42Кб, 1812x200
Just reposting something I replied with to another guy.
I am particularly curious about a few things. Namely, why Ukraine never joined CSTO. Was it agreed on elite level that Ukraine would be a neutral country? I wonder why they didn't get status of Belarus.
Secondly, my judgement about the industry situation. I've taken some judgement from another Russian, who said the same thing which I agree with. Mostly, Russia seems to be keen on partnering with China to fight off European sanctions. To me, it look like it has been a very big success.
CNC machines, cars, electronics, even GPUs, so on.
Does my judgement about a potential Russian large-scale production being unlikely make sense? There's not really a way to make something cheaper than the Chinese, and Europeans have a monopoly on some high-tech machines and engineering, with a basis of a long tradition. I wonder how Russian economists see the situation. I think Russian game with using their resources as a method of power projection and a money earning scheme to be the only correct and viable one for Russia.
Anonymous  11/04/24 Чтв 14:16:23 125617 300
A guy told me Stalin talked about difficulties of industrialising Russia as well. Though at the time I didn't talk further about it because it seemed uninteresting.
Anonymous  11/04/24 Чтв 19:33:46 125619 301
videoplayback ([...].mp4 7291Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:11
Belgorod-kun  11/04/24 Чтв 19:44:19 125620 302
videoplayback ([...].mp4 19963Кб, 720x1280, 00:01:49
Anonymous  11/04/24 Чтв 21:53:50 125621 303
᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌┏━╮╭━┓ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌
᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌┃┏┗┛┓┃ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌
᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌╰┓▋▋┏╯ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌
᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌╭━┻╮╲┗━━━━╮╭╮ ᠌᠌
᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌┃▎▎┃╲ ᠌ ᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ┣━╯ ᠌᠌
᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌╰━┳┻▅╯╲╲╲╲┃ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌
᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌╰━┳┓┏┳┓┏╯ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌
᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌┗┻┛┗┻┛
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 01:31:09 125622 304
022147f489f6282[...].mp4 2138Кб, 464x848, 00:00:10
Center of Kyyyiv (today)
A Russian-speaking human yells that it was a theater.

What was in the theater?
Your guess?
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 01:42:20 125623 305
Russian women dont want to date gamers Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 10:36:42 125626 306
image.png 2050Кб, 1920x1080
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 10:37:35 125627 307
Why are women like this?
Brits are drying tea bags to reuse them Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 10:42:28 125628 308
image.png 415Кб, 524x440
Brits seem to be taking cost-cutting methods more seriously than ever, from reusing old teabags to cutting their own hair and eating outdated food to save a few pennies

Hardened Brits are hanging teabags on a clothesline to reuse them to save money.

A shocking study has revealed that skinny people are also cutting their hair, waving condiment packets around and eating breakfast cereal for dinner as part of a cost-cutting campaign.

More than one in seven - around 15% - leave tea bags out to dry to use more than once, a survey of British adults by vouchercodes.co.uk found.

Women are more likely to leave tea bags out to dry: 16% admit to the habit - compared to 14% of guys. The practice is most common among the over 55s, with almost a fifth of the age group (19%) reusing bags more than once, while the figure drops to 18% for Brits aged 45 to 54 and 15% for 35 to 44-year-olds.

Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 15:00:58 125630 309
image.png 563Кб, 622x659
The news says that in Russia, there are unlimited clean pants for everyone and 1000 teabags per person, plus the women take dick sucking lessons in school and are naturally submissive.
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 16:03:29 125634 310
изображение.png 483Кб, 699x499
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 16:35:11 125635 311
image.png 374Кб, 772x630
>things that give women the ICK
>row 2340
>"Do not (say you) play videogames"
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 17:22:29 125636 312
image.png 1437Кб, 741x1078
Stop burning, bro. You're a gentleman after all.
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 17:24:32 125637 313
image.png 1925Кб, 1200x797
Besides, I didn't say anything to upset you, anglobro.
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 17:27:39 125638 314
Disgusting, please don't send this anymore even as irony.
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 17:33:25 125639 315
I think any normal man should cross this type of woman off his list. Games are really just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, it's just a pointer to the fact that such a woman will nag you about anything she doesn't like. I think you know what I mean. I used to be stupid and naive and even married one such, but since I have a brain I just strongly recommend to avoid this type. Women like that are literally the enemy of everything masculine.
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 19:22:45 125641 316
yurigagarinchil[...].png 1772Кб, 1104x1026
Z.png 214Кб, 333x443
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 19:40:10 125642 317
image.png 20Кб, 287x413
>Demonstrates the house where Gagarin lived as a child and where authenticity is being preserved in an effort to keep it looking pristine.
I don't even know what to call you after that. You don't look like a dumb westoid, though.
Belgorod-kun  12/04/24 Птн 19:45:29 125643 318
>thinks the Portuguese is laughing at the wooden fence
Lmao you're just not spoiled by Z-symbolism, pal
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 19:45:57 125644 319
>and where authenticity is being preserved in an effort to keep it looking pristine.
I forgot that that's in Russia, the sucessor of USSR and USSR that spawned those regimes like in DPKR that also have these pristine fake houses with propaganda where the 1st Supreme leader lived. I'm sorry, my mistake.
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 19:48:25 125645 320
*suposedly lived but in reality didn't live there
Belgorod-kun  12/04/24 Птн 19:51:27 125646 321
BASED once again, the normies have failed to grasp the britsh irony
I bet about the tea though, 1000 bags of normal tea cost ~2000 rubles (£17), so it's not so ironic)))
I can't imagine who needs that much
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 19:58:51 125647 322
image.png 2448Кб, 1280x1212
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 19:59:57 125648 323
Anonymous  12/04/24 Птн 20:01:11 125649 324
IMG2710.jpg 158Кб, 736x736
The master of postirony is in the room, gentlemens
Belgorod-kun  12/04/24 Птн 20:05:20 125650 325
Americans have never flown into space, only Russians and dogs have been in space)

What? No)
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 00:45:51 125656 326
1711361174828.jpg 95Кб, 640x640
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 01:32:28 125658 327
image.png 169Кб, 350x373
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 01:39:13 125659 328
image.png 337Кб, 500x510
And before anyone shits themselves over purchase power parity or similar ideas, consider this: 2h15m of labour at the minimum wage will buy you a year's supply of tea here, or about 45m based on my salary, and I'm very much the most bourgeois post-national Westoid you're likely to encounter, outside traditional hunting grounds like Amalfi or Alpe d'Huez. By no means an oligarch, but a fair representative of your much-vaunted Golden Billion. Let's compare: how many hours of work does it take youto buy a year's worth of tea where you are?
Belgorod-kun  13/04/24 Суб 11:55:57 125661 329
image.png 44Кб, 620x466
>£27 for 1120
Yeah, it's always cheaper in bulk. I calculated prices based on 10 packs of 100 pieces. On your link one of these costs 930 rubles (£7.35), in Russia a very good tea for 100 pieces can be bought for 250-300 rubles (£2 - £2.50), anything higher is already ultra premium from the Ceylon mountains, on which passed the feet of virgins in the full moon, for real hedonists. Frankly speaking I have never seen a pack of 1000 pieces, I don't even know a person who is ready to drink the same tea for a year. In Russia it is as popular as in Britain, the difference is that it has not influenced Russian culture and local customs, and Russians love to change tea, so there are many varieties.
Belgorod-kun  13/04/24 Суб 12:18:37 125662 330
image(19).png 551Кб, 900x900
Of course I could now make a Phyton working time calculator and calculate the results to surprise you, but your proposal is too primitive: the calculation of the purchase of tea per unit of working time will not give you anything, because you need to take into account many factors, such as such a vulnerable for the British as payment of bills for household services, taxes, which actually do not affect the Russians, because it is done by the employer before the delivery of the salary, and all salaries in vacancies in Russia are indicated with the deduction of 13% tax.

It is better to use more traditional methods of obtaining information: stories of russian friends who lived in Britain, and according to their stories you live no better and no worse than Russians.
So the "Borelle's Garden" propaganda is most likely utter nonsense. We should also take into account such factors as the fact that Russia is in a state of economic war and indirect armed war with the "Western world", including Britain. Which affects all participants in this without exception.
Measuring the water level during a storm is a tradition of French sailors (see, I'm making a British joke now)
Belgorod-kun  13/04/24 Суб 15:14:07 125664 331
image.png 243Кб, 1065x496
Belgorod-kun  13/04/24 Суб 15:37:05 125665 332
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 15:46:16 125667 333
1713007698088723.jpg 124Кб, 500x500
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 16:41:41 125668 334
скрин.jpg 170Кб, 718x359
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 17:42:13 125669 335
42E4A6BC-B2BB-4[...].jpg 333Кб, 847x1280
IMG2657.mp4 2791Кб, 592x336, 00:00:12
IMG2658.mp4 211Кб, 438x480, 00:00:01
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 21:08:27 125674 336
iminent.png 30Кб, 605x312
btw nothing ever happens
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 21:40:09 125675 337
I remember some dudes on 4chan/int/ created a thread in February 2022 three days before the famous events, and then an American broke into the thread and said that they are all stupid, will never ever go to war in Ukraine because it's impossible in today's world, UN, conventions, economics, threat of nuclear war and so on.
By the way, mentally I supported him then... because I got banned for the My Little Pony in the meme:D

As you can see, we were both wrong. Just be skeptical - the most correct strategy for a mere mortal in a total information hurricane of events.
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 21:51:19 125676 338
изображение.png 619Кб, 478x640
It's time to be cubed, shlomo, get in!
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 22:37:41 125677 339
image.png 17Кб, 1103x99
image.png 18Кб, 1499x122
image.png 13Кб, 1198x81
I enjoyed reading people's surgically operated minds say how this hero is actually evil.
In the west words replaced actions in value.
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 23:06:26 125678 340
image.png 200Кб, 400x421
Here tea is commonplace, all ritual fell away long ago save for slap-fights over the addition of sugar. I drink three cups a day unless I'm sick, and know people who drink 10. We like very bitter tea though, it consistently shocks people expecting Earl Grey and lapsang souchong everywhere.

So local taxes, district heating bills, communal maintenance costs etc are paid from gross/brutto in Russia? Really? And the Western world is always at war with something or other, or it has been for as long as I've been alive anyway, so that shouldn't really factor.
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 23:37:32 125679 341
4chan1.png 70Кб, 892x608
4chan2.png 124Кб, 1490x457
glownigger-768x[...].jpg 39Кб, 768x408
1711459091829173.png 384Кб, 652x586
>the "West" is a board of shitposters, contrarians and baiters plus astroturfers+bots
Don't forget to post with a valid email specially personal e-mail in 4chan /biz/
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 23:57:07 125680 342
photo12900@02-0[...].jpg 279Кб, 1024x1280
>So local taxes, district heating bills, communal maintenance costs etc are paid from gross/brutto in Russia? Really?
You didn't quite get what he wrote right. Russians really don't have to deal with taxes, unless they are private entrepreneurs, the employer pays everything for us, that's why all salaries on job search sites are listed with taxes deducted, also all Russians don't pay for health insurance like in the UK. But for housing and utilities you have to pay separately through a personal account or an app in your phone downloaded from rustore, or through a special terminal in every store or bank, which is available in any shithole if you are a very old grandfather from the USSR and modern cyberpunk is difficult for you. However, utility bills in Russia are much cheaper than in Britain. This red-green guy >>125674 was outraged that Russians were making streamings on tweets about burning a gas stove 24/7.
Because in Russia it costs next to nothing.
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 00:02:08 125681 343
Yeah, it was fun to read what they wrote about it. You haven't been on Reddit yet, kek.
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 00:14:05 125682 344
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 00:14:51 125683 345

the Israeli border
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 00:42:08 125684 346
Dr Ron Paul Th[...].mp4 7768Кб, 640x480, 00:06:02
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 00:43:24 125685 347
17130442231480.mp4 2970Кб, 480x848, 00:00:15
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 01:12:40 125686 348
image.png 724Кб, 661x1024
file (2).png 7Кб, 844x157
Mind posting a link, want to read.
Btw, eat shit mutts.
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 01:27:14 125687 349
abcnews1.png 331Кб, 1256x758
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 01:32:33 125688 350
iran2.png 40Кб, 604x357
>The matter can be deemed concluded.
Time to disperse. Nothing ever happens.
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 01:41:37 125689 351
image.png 12Кб, 598x118
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 01:41:49 125690 352
israel1.png 665Кб, 1169x639
British Royal Air Force also involved in defence of the true hegemon of the "Free World"
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 01:49:14 125691 353
The admin of the Hrukov(Kharkov) telegram news channel always throws epic tantrums during Russian bombings, which then become meme'd, not only by russians, but also by ukrainians. English does not convey this folklore, the cosmic effect is achieved in "surzhik" (crazy mixture of Ukrainian and Russian).
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 02:00:00 125692 354
I don't think anything will happen here anytime soon. This hot spot will be presented to the Americans at the end of the redivision of the world between geopolitical entities to further increase the strain on the American financial system and collapse it. I'm not an expert, just a guess.
The British are among those who created Israel. Protecting your child is pretty logical)
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 02:02:48 125693 355
Looks like a first wave that should deplete the air defense system, we do that too. The main moment of destruction will likely be 30 minutes from my post.
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 02:05:46 125694 356
image.png 28Кб, 602x382
Why does he condemn the right to defense?
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 02:29:45 125695 357
17130508554370.mp4 2894Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:09
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 02:35:18 125696 358
17130511183930.png 295Кб, 994x520
Ну фсё, вам пизда, неверные! Осуждаю, осуждаю
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 02:41:59 125697 359
drones2.png 952Кб, 1854x1021
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 09:09:46 125698 360
17130737130471.mp4 13419Кб, 464x848, 00:01:07
17130508554370.mp4 2894Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:09
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 09:13:59 125699 361
image.png 417Кб, 500x477
Jews, what's up with your faces?!
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 09:36:40 125700 362
IMG202403071131[...].jpg 635Кб, 1984x1488
My experimental check for 19 bucks. I made it when Tucker Carlson lied to his American audience that you could fill a $100 dollar food cart in Russia. You can saddle that up for $19 if you don't fuck around buying premium brands like he did.
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 09:45:13 125701 363
how can you eat that shit
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 09:48:24 125702 364
With a fork, stretching eating it for days.

another anon walking by
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 09:49:28 125703 365
image.png 3336Кб, 1500x1001
Maybe because I'm originally from Dagestan?
Shut up
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 09:50:50 125704 366
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 10:02:29 125705 367
kp1191.jpg 490Кб, 600x800
Is Iran part of the Russian military-industrial complex? What were the reasons for dragging it into a war with Israel?
Why did Iran refuse to escalate further in the conflict with Israel?

Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 10:53:23 125706 368
image.png 225Кб, 574x600
Anonymous  14/04/24 Вск 10:57:31 125707 369
17130156885550.jpg 50Кб, 500x500
17130156885551.jpg 47Кб, 500x500